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How to Maintain a Passion for Podcasting

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of everyday life. One of the biggest: how we communicate with each other. The surge in recent podcasts is no surprise as we scramble to connect with our friends and peers. And while the fee for entry into the podcasting world is cheap, you have to have a passion for it to succeed. 

We speak with Adam Posner, Founder & President at NHP Talent Group, who shares his experience in podcasting and advice on the digital age of talent recruitment.  

Adam covers:

  • A podcast myth & Adam’s podcasting start
  • Positives & negatives of talent recruitment in the digital age
  • Understanding the power of podcasting 

A podcast myth & Adam’s podcasting start

When a new author sets out to write a book, they may find themselves caught up in the daydream of selling a million copies or going on a book tour before they’ve finished a first draft. An author needs to create value before they start to focus on monetization. 

In the same way, when a podcast focuses too much on growing their audience and not enough time creating value with what’s in front of them, it’s wasting a lot of opportunity. Imagine a new podcast show that brings on incredible guests week after week; instead of fostering relationships with those guests, the show focuses on audience size for advertisements’ sake. Build with the resources at hand. 

”I talk about it all the time. The podcast fuels the business, the business fuels the podcast; it’s one continuous loop of synergy that fuels each other.” — Adam Posner

The birth of the podcast

How a podcast gets its start can be different from person to person. For Adam, the desire came well after the start of his business. As someone who always wanted to broadcast, Adam noticed his incredible network of people and wanted a way to utilize those relationships. In an effort to show his audience what real networking looks like, Adam put together a show through Zoom and built from there. 

Positives & negatives of talent recruitment in the digital age

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the recruitment process and how people work on its head: interviews that would typically be done in-person are now completely virtual. A company that had no remote workers now has entirely remote workers.

However, while the chaos and uncertainty of this time has been negative, the situation has led to some necessary changes that have been an overall positive for the workforce. The biggest positive: a company’s ability to listen and react. 

Breaking tradition

Professional tradition can keep many from looking at different ways of operating. So, as offices began to reopen, the companies that didn’t listen and react to the changing work environment have started to struggle. 

Imagine a company that went fully remote during the pandemic — operating, after some adjustment, to the same level of productivity as before. As restrictions begin to lift, however, the company ignores workers’ preference to continue working remotely. Missing the chance to listen and adapt to their employees preferences, they lose a large portion of their staff. 

”The ones that really held on to this concept of: everyone needs to be in the office all the time — They’re the ones that are struggling and they’re the ones that are failing.” — Adam Posner

While some companies have had an easier time transitioning to the new way of work than others, refusing to embrace the change could be the difference between a future for the company or not. 

Understanding the power of podcasting 

With so many new podcasts launching, there has to be a benefit, right? But what exactly are those benefits and how can someone know if it’s the right move for them? For Adam, he narrows the benefits between personal and professional.

Personal benefits 

  • Boosted confidence
  • Improved ability to communicate
  • A way to stay quick and in-tune with conversations

Professional Benefits

  • Use the podcast as a business development tool
  • Host guests that Adam has wanted to do business with
  • A way to open up relationships
  • A platform to establish himself as a thought leader

”It just opened me up to audiences: to countries across the world, to people, and build my brand.” — Adam Posner

Starting a podcast opens up many ways to uniquely connect with your audience and build business relationships. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, starting a podcast may be the right path for you. 

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