Product Updates

Measure your ABM efforts with Terminus Advanced Analytics

The word is out – MQLs are all vanity, and serious B2B marketers are ready and willing to measure what matters – impact on real revenue.

Today, only 53% of marketers say they have adopted technology to measure account based efforts, yet 86% rate measurement as critical to their efforts.

– TOPO Account Based Measurement Model

We don’t want measurement to slow you down as you make sweet ABMagic, so we’ve reimagined the marketing measurement funnel to be account-based from the ground up – and built it into our platform!

Here are a few questions that Terminus Advanced Analytics can help you answer:

ABM Scorecard: How are your programs influencing pipeline, revenue, deal cycle, and ACV?

This is your highest-level view of all of your demand programs. It’s built off of Account Hub Lists, and lets you (and your CMO) understand at a glance what results you’re getting out of any marketing program you’ve built a list for (which means you can also use it to measure inbound and other types of efforts).

Scorecard makes it easy to see how you’re doing, according to how you organize your marketing efforts – by market segment, product line, opportunity type, or any other way you organize your programs today.

We built it to answer the CMO’s most fundamental question: “How many deals is marketing impacting, and how much progress are we making in our TAM?”

Scorecard is also designed to make it easier to measure the stuff that really matters – pipeline and revenue influenced, deal cycle time, and average contract value – so you can be a real revenue marketer.

Opportunity Journey: What influenced a particular deal, and when? Why did a deal die? What can we do differently next time?

Frequently, you’ll want to dive into an individual deal to understand exactly what went right (or wrong) and figure out what you could do differently next time. That’s where Opportunity Journey comes in.

We’ll automatically map every campaign touchpoint to a timeline, which you can filter by contact type and title, and by campaign type, to understand exactly what went on between first contact and deal close.

The types of questions marketers answer with Opportunity Journey are:

  • Which people in the buying center got involved in this deal, when?
  • Which channels are involved earlier and later in won deals?
  • Is there a person or type of activity that is missing in lost deals?
  • Are there red flags on lost deals that I can use to take earlier action?

Campaign Analytics: By channel, how much pipeline and revenue are my programs generating?

Sometimes we just want to gut check that our resource allocation across campaigns and channels makes sense. That’s where Campaign Analytics comes in – making it super simple to see a roll-up of how much revenue each campaign type has influenced.

You can also drill down into a given category to see the impact of each activity, like individual webinars or direct mail campaigns.

This is a great way to understand what you’re getting out of each of your channels, without getting into an attribution quandary. We show you influenced pipeline and revenue so you can make judgements on where to do more and where to pull back.

These reports and views are available as part of the Terminus account-based marketing platform.