How to Use LinkedIn Document Ads to Elevate Your ABM Strategy

When our partners at LinkedIn launched their Document Ads late in 2022, marketers around the globe cheered with excitement. The ability to promote documents directly in a company’s LinkedIn feed without prospects having to leave the platform? Yes, please. Yes.

A Boost in ABM Engagement and Awareness

At the end of the day, B2B marketers are trying to build awareness and have target accounts feel the love (and nurture) with ads. And, of course, we’re trying to do this will the holy grail of measurement and understanding the success of content. Linkedin Documents Ad let us do all of that within their platform, which is exceptionally cool.

According to LinkedIn, here are some best use cases for LinkedIn documents ads:

“Document ads have helped us significantly increase our engagement with our target accounts lists and add new prospects to the pipeline,” says Christy Gray, Terminus’ Senior Digital Marketing Manager. “It allows us to push accessible content that is easy to consume, is shareable, and give us a brand awareness lift with increased engagement. The ease of staying in LinkedIn for a better user experience has quickly become a game changer.”

Let’s Look at the Numbers 👀

Terminus recently ran an A/B test between a traditional sponsored image post designed to drive website traffic visits versus a document ad to increase engagement—and the results were pretty clear. “Not only did the document ad version show a lower cost per impression, but gave us an increase of 336% in clicks and an 876% boost in our CTR,” says Christy. “While there isn’t a direct link to our website, a huge increase in social actions and a 688% increase in engagement rate are things that any marketer loves to see.”

If your goal is for a prospect to learn about your company, accessible and ungated content will win every time. “Why wouldn’t you give a prospect as much information as possible about your company and its offerings, especially in research mode? Getting them closer to a demo request or a move further down the funnel is key here,” says Christy. 

“The bottom line is that the possibilities are endless with this type of ad. From brand awareness to competitive plays and from pipeline acceleration to expansion/retention, we are opening a whole new opportunity to reach customers.”

What’s Next?

Our partners at LinkedIn have put together some incredible content with everything you need to get started with your ABM ads. You’ll find exactly what you need from their team of experts and get your first ads up and running with Terminus in no time!