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3 Key Takeaways from the “Sigstr + HubSpot: An Inbound Marketer’s Secret Weapon” Webinar

Last week, we were able to catch up with one of our amazing customers, Stephanie Casstevens, and walk through how she uses Sigstr and HubSpot together to fuel inbound marketing success at Label Insight. We had a blast. Stephanie rocks, and our team loves her. We especially love hearing how she has been able to unlock this new owned marketing channel to drive conversions. Stephanie is very passionate about HubSpot and the impact it has had on her marketing strategy. This is great, because we are also very passionate about HubSpot. You can read a little more about why here.

We conglomerated 45 minutes of information into these three takeaways:

1. Inbound marketers care a whole heck of a lot about analytics

Inbound marketers track everything. They want to know every single statistic about every campaign they’re running to see how it delivers value on overall company goals. The Sigstr + HubSpot integration enables your team to have further visibility into how employee email impacts inbound marketing initiatives. This includes driving more traffic to your website and increasing exposure to a specific piece of content. It could even be generating more leads for a Marketing campaign. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound Report, 63% of marketers say generating more traffic and leads is their top challenge. Furthermore, Ascend2 found that 54% of marketers say increasing engagement is their top email marketing priority. This integration helps you kill two birds with one stone.

2. Personalized and relevant content drives conversions

There is power and value in knowing that the personalized content your team is creating is getting into the hands of the right people. If you are using HubSpot, you have all of the data you need to understand your prospects and customers. You have visibility into how they are engaging with your brand and where they stand in your sales pipeline. Hopefully, you have also invested time into creating smart lists. HubSpot smart lists are dynamic lists that allow you and your team to segment contacts based on properties that change frequently over time. If you want to set up a smart list but don’t know how, HubSpot has this awesome tutorial.

The Sigstr + HubSpot integrations allows you to deliver personalized content to your specific contacts and accounts through employee email. You can even see how prospects or customers interact with your email signature banners in the contact timeline view. If you want to learn more about this new integration and how it could be impactful for you, feel free to utilize the chat function (little pop-up on your right) and send Max a message!

HubSpot webinar

3. Maximize your marketing automation investment by connecting to other platforms

Inbound marketers are passionate about their marketing automation of choice. Why? Because it makes their life easier! It also helps them drive conversions and pipeline for their sales team. Marketing automation platforms, like HubSpot, become even more powerful when marketers connect them to other platforms and tools included in their marketing tech stack. Multiple tools working together towards the same goal will reach that goal much more efficiently and quickly vs. one tool working alone. In last week’s webinar, Stephanie spoke to this point when showing attendees just how easy it is to connect email signature marketing to her HubSpot account. Here’s an overview on how you can use the Sigstr and HubSpot platforms together.

HubSpot webinar

“Using the Sigstr and HubSpot integration, we’ve been able to increase the impact of our inbound marketing strategy by making sure the right eyes are on the right content at the right time,” Stephanie explains. “The dynamic aspect of Sigstr’s email signature campaigns makes targeting our existing HubSpot lists with the right campaigns nearly hands-off, while still delivering impressive engagement.”

If you’d like to learn more about this new level of our integration, stop by and see us (booth S5) at #INBOUND17 next week!

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