ICYMI: Sigstr + Marketing Cloudcast

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Last week, our Sigstr CEO, Dan Hanrahan chatted with Joel Book and Heike Young on the Salesforce Marketing Cloudcast – a marketing podcast that dials into the minds of today’s thought leaders, practitioners, authors and innovators on the trends, technologies and topics of tomorrow.

Covering ground from employee email to leadership idols, Book and Young scaled the gamut of marketing topics with Dan to uncover how – and why – employee email signatures are your brand’s secret weapon.

Listen in to the full 30-minute episode, and check out a list of our most notable takeaways from this marketing podcast.

Key Takeaways

1. Finding a new, untapped marketing channel that’s not paid, not earned, but already owned is insanely rare. And, Book said, while some of today’s savviest marketers have already thought about the concept – to use employee email (think Gmail or Outlook) to promote event registrations, new products and the like, industry standards have been inefficient at best.

But Sigstr swings the pendulum the other way, Dan said. The channel provides centralized control of your branding and injects customized calls-to-action through your employee email. And it does it all without depending on anyone else in the company.

2. Employee email signatures should be part of your owned media presence. You own this medium, Young said. Just like your website, your blog and social channels, you have control over the employee email space. You have the power over who your emails will reach – and all marketing starts with reach, Dan said.

We already know we spend a ton of time in our email. The average employee sends around 10,000 emails each year, if you break that off and have, say, 100 employees, that’s a million emails a year! That reach is huge. And, your audience is hand-selected by the people who matter most to your brand. Your employees. Other channels, paid, earned and even other owned channels take time to build a list to scale and to get the results you want and need for success. But you’re already using employee email every day. You already have a full inbox and bulky output. 

3. Employees are brands’ new marketers. They’re the marketers who create the story, the people who make the most relevant content possible, said Dan. And, your employees are the most consistent and frequent touch point with your customers. They influence current customers and prospects alike, representing your company with each and every connection.

Employees are your brand. Sigstr gives them a way to align sales and marketing without interrupting daily operations (meaning they’re more efficient) and they’re on brand every time.

4. New marketing is content driven. But according to SiriusDecisions, around 65 percent of all content goes unseen. You’re pouring your blood, sweat and tears into this content, Dan said. But how in the world do you get people to notice it?

Sure you can post it on your blog, but will people find it?

You can pay to promote it on social media. Or send another email, but your audience is already bombarded with content from so many different areas. Or, you can use the little slice of digital real estate at the end of every email you already send. I might be bias, but it’s really a no brainer here, guys.

5. More and more marketers embracing the idea content is the way of the future. And they’re using Sigstr as a new channel for distribution, Young said. But how do we measure it? And how can we track conversions and ROI?

Conversions, of course, can mean a ton of different things, Dan said. But in terms of dollars and cents, he pointed to a use case from A&A Logistics. With 90 employees signed on to Sigstr, they closed a $10,000 deal with a new customer in the first month. That was a 20x ROI on their spend on Sigstr for the year.

Sigstr is for marketers, from marketers. We’ve gone through the regiment of sending the 6-step copy and paste signature updates. We want you to be able to use our channel, prove ROI and get expand your brand, expand your impact, solve a problem, get a promotion or sell a product.

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