8 Things We’re Pumped About for INBOUND

HubSpot’s Inbound conference is just around the corner and we could not be more excited. We have a rockstar crew heading out to Boston to rub elbows with the best and brightest in sales and marketing. As you may already know, we are big fans of HubSpot. We cannot wait to see what the marketing automation geniuses drum up at their biggest event of the year.

Here are the top eight things we’re most pumped about:

Serena Williams

This is how we feel about Serena Williams being one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Inbound conference.

Serena is touted as the Best Female Athlete of All Time. But when handed the title, she quipped “Why not the greatest athlete of all time?” We can only hope she brings this level of bad-assery to the stage for her keynote. Having won 22 Grand Slams in singles, 14 Grand Slams in doubles, 775 career wins, 4 Olympic Gold Medals and a spot in Beyonce’s “Sorry” music video, we think Serena is more than qualified to speak on the topics of hard work, dedication and success.

All-star Line Up

Alec Baldwin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Anna Kendrick, Michael Strahan, Sarah Silverman, Leslie Odom Jr., the list goes on. HubSpot has brought the heat with the all-star line up of A-list speakers and celebs. We cannot wait to learn from some of the smartest in the business, laugh with some of the funniest and dance along with some of the most talented around.

Oysters and Lobster Rolls

Yum. This is one of our favorite parts about being in Boston. The oysters are unbeatable. There are a plethora of oyster bars that claim to have the best oysters in Boston, so to make it easier for you we found the list of the top 10 oyster bars you can charm your top customers or prospects with.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway lunch before heading back into a session, we have to recommend grabbing a lobster roll. They compete with the quality you will find in Maine. Be prepared to spend a bit more on the rolls than you would on an average work lunch. But don’t worry, it’s totally worth it. Here are the top 8 spots for you to grab a quick roll, with the Yankee Lobster Co being the closest walk from the conference center.

lobster rolls


Any conference that refers to the expo hall as a “club” is a conference we would like to get involved with. Club Inbound will host it’s own DJ, snacks, food truck lunches, drinks and refuel stations, not to mention dozens of killer sponsors (Sigstr being one of them). We cannot wait to hang out in Club Inbound and network with other smart sales and marketing folks.


Boston is lovely in the fall. Truly, truly beautiful. As a group of Midwesterners, from a city that didn’t hit the map for 40 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it’s incredible to be in a city laced with so much history. When we were in Boston back in August for #FlipMyFunnel, we had dinner at the Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant. The back wall of the tavern boasted a gigantic American flag faded and shredded by time and war. A bar had a flag that flew in the Civil War. If you have a few moments (or hours) to spare while you are in Boston, see if you can check out one of these Top 10 Most Historic Sites.

Seaport Parties

Ain’t no party like a Boston Seaport party. We read that somewhere once. We’re not 100 percent sure what that means, but we are 120 percent excited about them! After working, learning and networking all day, you will have earned that seaport party.

Inbound ROCKS

The final evening of the nearly week-long inbound conference brings the biggest night of them all: Inbound ROCKS. Inbound ROCKS features comedians Sarah Silverman and Ali Wong. Sarah Silverman boasts a quick wit and politically-incorrect humor. Where Ali Wong has been a breakout star in the comedic realm when a section of her stand-up went viral. Ali brings light-hearted humor to the feminist movement while being incredibly awesome. And she’s a writer for the critically acclaimed hit, Fresh off the Boat. ABC’s new comedy on a Chinese family trying to live the American dream. And, obviously, we’re pumped for the after party, too.

These Awesome Sessions

This inbound conference provides a massive learning opportunity for innovative and curious marketers. We can’t wait to soak up all that marketing knowledge. Here are just four awesome sessions you should for sure be signing up for:

  1. Ann Handley
    • ASAP (As Slow As Possible)
  2. Jordan Benjamin
    • How Professional Athletes Train Their Brains for Peak Performance & How Sales Pros Can To
  3. Jill Rowley
    • One Team, One Goal – Aligning Marketing & Sales for Successful Social Selling
  4. Doug Davidoff and Doug Kessler
    • How to Swear in your F*^%$! Marketing
  5. Sangram Vajre

Oh, and we almost forgot! The ninth thing you should be pumped about is the opportunity to hang out with the Sigstr crew. Want to meet up with us? Let us know here! We will be the goofy group in green. The map up above will help you find us!

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