Influence Every Step of Your Buyer’s Journey with Terminus Email Experiences

True story: there was a time in my career where I would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on pure lead generation. Those leads would get thrown over the transom to sales, who would then sort through them and throw them into highly impersonal sales cadences. And it wasn’t just me doing this. I stole the idea from much smarter and more successful marketers. Looking back, that seems like such an obviously awful way to run a marketing program.

Thankfully that was just a phase and the best marketers in the room have all moved on to better practices where we put our audience’s desires and our brand’s integrity before mass lead generation. Now high performing revenue teams have moved towards creating powerful customer experiences through a tightly integrated tech stack. Even the best managed MarTech stack, though, can’t build the relationships that 98% of revenue teams agree are crucial to closing new business. That’s why, even today, personal emails are the number one tactic used by US account-based marketers, and over 86% of all business communication is done over one-to-one email. When we’re focusing on quality over quality, there’s just no substitute for direct, personal interaction.

So if email is the core of every B2B revenue strategy, let’s talk about how marketing can use those emails to influence and measure the entire revenue journey with Sigstr.

Opportunity Stage Inbox Ads

Using Terminus Email Experiences’ targeting capabilities, you can align inbox advertisements to every step of your buyer’s journey and drive potential customers closer to making a purchase. By taking charge of the content your sales team is sharing, you control the narrative. Take a look at your various opportunity stages and ask yourself what kind of content speaks to prospects at each stage, then build a content matrix to align your Terminus campaigns accordingly.

How does this work in practice? After you’ve had initial contact, serve a campaign that promotes a short overview video of your company, making a positive brand impression right from the start. After your first meeting, pique your audience’s interest with new content (like an ebook) that keeps them engaged. During evaluation, give your prospects confidence in doing business with you by promoting customer stories & testimonials. When you’re in negotiation, remind your prospects of the value your products and solutions offer. Then, at the very end, once you’ve won someone’s business, use every email communication as an opportunity to set your new customer up for success.

buyer journey

By leveraging Terminus, you can be sure every email your employees send move opportunities forward. Something as simple as an email ad can make the difference between closed won and closed lost.

Inbox Advertising Attribution

If you’re not sold on the idea that inbox advertising can truly impact your bottom line, prove it to yourself.

With Terminus Email Experineces’ Salesforce Integration, you have visibility into how Terminus is impacting key opportunities in your pipeline. Sigstr has the ability to track which accounts and contacts are clicking on your inbox advertisements and can align that information with the opportunities that live in your Salesforce environment. With this level of attribution, you can instantly see which open and closed opportunities have been influenced and generated by your Sigstr campaigns. ROI has never been easier to track.

Relationship-Based Intent Data

Aligning inbox advertisements to your opportunity stages may give you the influence you’ve been searching for, but what about visibility? After handing leads over to sales, marketers are usually left in the dark. Without 100% transparency between departments, it’s difficult to know how deals are progressing.

Terminus Relationships gives marketers the pipeline visibility they’ve been searching for. By analyzing your company’s relationships by account, contact, and region, Terminus Relationships provides a central source of truth for marketing and sales teams. With a quick search, you can see when the last time an account or contact has been contacted, which sales rep owns the relationship, and how that relationship is growing over time. As a bonus, you can access this information not only in Terminus but in your CRM and ABM platforms of choice.

With this new level of insight, you can trigger marketing actions according to an account’s relationship status, select the best-fit accounts for your ABM efforts, gain alignment with sales around key opportunities, and monitor how sales are activating key relationships.

buyer journey

It has never been more important for B2B marketers to show how they are making a positive impact on the all important “bottom line”. This evolution means that marketers must find new tools and strategies to gain influence and visibility. Employee email is the perfect avenue to achieve both! Sigstr can make it easy.

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