Beat your competition now with intent-fueled ABM

With 78% of sales going to the first company to the table (InsideSales), getting in front of your customer before your competition is more important than ever – and intent data is the key. If you’re a B2B marketer, the time to start operationalizing intent is now. Why?

Bombora + Terminus

Only 25% of B2B marketers say they are currently using intent data and
monitoring tools

Demand Gen Report, 2018

100% of Terminus customers now have best-in-class Bombora intent data available in-platform

Bombora, 2019

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The most important thing to most B2B organizations is making money and staying relevant. That’s why our product roadmap includes integrating the best and most competitive tools currently on the market – including Company Surge® intent data from Bombora – to help our customers win the best and biggest deals before their competition and stay plugged in to market needs.

With Bombora’s best-in-class Company Surge® data and Terminus’ super fast and scalable ABM platform, savvy B2B marketers can easily build target account lists based on both intent and engagement data and start executing display and paid social campaigns immediately.

Intent Powered by Bombora (Included)

Power your advertising strategy

  • 25 topics monitored for scores 70+
  • Data embedded directly in-platform to use to build lists and launch ads campaigns immediately.
  • Free consultation for initial keyword setup

Bombora Growth Package (Add-On)

Power your entire ABM strategy

  • 25 topics with greater flexibility (scores 70+)
  • Access to full Bombora platform for more in-depth reporting and data to power holistic ABM strategy.
  • Syncs with SFDC and other 3rd parties, like Marketo, LinkedIn, and more!

Note: If you already signed up for our Bombora intent data package, connect with your CSM to check on your options.

But, why is intent data so important? Let’s ask Salesforce.

By using Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data, Salesforce was able to achieve:


271 percent greater ROI


Ben Howell

“We’ve seen about a 271% return on our ROI for display and paid social when we combine Bombora Company Surge® and 1st party data through a couple of other providers.”

Ben Howell, Head of Demand Generation and Paid Digital, Salesforce
Ben Howell

Intent Powered By Bombora

Terminus Bombora Intent Data

Bombora Growth

Bombora Intent Data Company Surge

Benefits of an intent-powered ABM strategy

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Better Content
Combine 1st and 3rd party data to understand the Intent topics your target accounts are engaging with so you can build a content and field marketing strategy that will actually close deals – not just generate leads.

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Better Advertising
Launch display, social, and email campaigns right when your key accounts indicate they are in-market for a solution and protect your current customer base by monitoring interest in your competitors.

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Better Deals
By engaging your target accounts with better content before your competition, you can prioritize your efforts to win bigger deals, accelerate your pipeline, and increase your renewal rates.

Intent FAQs

Is Bombora data GDPR and CCPA compliant?

Why is Bombora the best option for intent data?
Bombora uses a GDPR and CCPA compliant data co-op which leverages machine learning to determine consumption behavior, not simply access. This means that an AI-powered algorithm examines duration, scroll behavior, and content contextualization to synthesize truly accurate intent data into a Company Surge® score. If the score surges beyond 70, it’s data that matters and it’s sent to your team.

How is this different from other intent providers?
Most other intent providers use a risky bidstream practice by passing data through ad exchanges without consumer consent. Bidstream lives in a GDPR and CCPA compliance grey area in which companies who take action on this data become liable. Beyond the risk component, bidstream data is predominantly ad view based, and does not have a machine learning component which is better capable of understanding a consumer’s behavior.

Can you give me an example of the difference?
It’s the difference between someone reading an article about a social media solution, versus someone immediately bouncing from a page that mentioned the word Facebook. Only the first would result in an intent spike from Bombora, while a bidstream approach would result in a false positive for intent, meaning if your sales team reaches out – it will more likely be at the wrong time.

Data Co-Op vs Bidstream

Data Co-Op


Highly curated collection of content rich publishers. Data passed through ad exchanges based on ads seen on a webpage containing relevant keywords.
Exclusive list of publishers that are optimized for content and topic absorption. Scraped content from public sites that anyone has access to scrape with a bot and a business case.
Timestamping, URLs, IPs, scroll velocity and dwell time are all available within the context of reading the article/content. The primary use of the data is ad targeting so dwell time and other metrics are ad view based.
Standard customer terms reflect that the user will be cookied and information will be tracked and shared. Grey area at best as to whether or not the user truly opted in to have their behavior tracked by post ad view analysis.

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