Dynamic Campaigns by Sigstr for Internal Communications

Dynamic Campaigns by Sigstr is a new, intuitive way to align internal communications with HR and marketing – offering up the most relevant content in every employee email, based on the end recipient.

You said you loved using email to communicate at work, but wanted a way to get targeted marketing content out without overloading a recipient’s inbox. We listened and gave you Sigstr. Then you said you loved the way you could use Sigstr to drive ROI by distributing content, boosting event registrations and upping website traffic, but wanted to put it into your email cadence. So we created a host of Sigstr Integrations.

Then you said you loved the reach of the owned marketing channel, but wanted to use it to rally employee engagement while keeping your marketing content distribution on point.  We pretended we didn’t hear you, but today we gave in.

Introducing: Dynamic Campaigns by Sigstr.  (Disclaimer: We were not ignoring you! In fact, we’ve been working really, really hard on this product.)

What are Dynamic Campaigns?

More than 82 percent of U.S. business leaders have called internal communications and employee engagement a top strategic priority, according to a 2015 TalentKeepers survey. And it makes sense because the strategy is linked to improved company productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Engaged workers support innovation, growth and increased revenue their company needs for success.

Yet, employee engagement has consistently averaged less than 33 percent over the last four years, according to a 2015 Gallup survey.

But today we’re introducing a new product that helps you share the content most relevant to the audience you’re emailing, whether it’s your next prospect, current customer or your office buddy Julie from customer success. By offering up relevant content, to the right audience at the right time, you’re creating an environment of authentic engagement.

Dynamic Campaigns by Sigstr sends content based on your end-recipient, without any extra work from you. (And without any extra emails hitting the inbox!) It allows you to roll out internal communications, like open enrollment dates for benefits or Employee of the Week campaigns while, at the same time, sending targeted marketing campaigns to contacts outside of your domain.

Using Dynamic Campaigns for internal communications

A 2015 survey by Waggl Human Capital Pulse found 97 percent of the business leaders, HR leaders and consultants among the 500,000 interviewed said listening to employees and incorporating their ideas was critical to an organization’s success. But how are you creating an environment of authentic trust?

Make employee engagement, well, engaging.

Dynamic Campaigns distribute engaging and relevant content that can help your co-workers. It lets you give them content that shows you know their value. If they feel good about the brand, they’ll feel good about their work. And by showing them they’re important to the company, they’ll be less likely to leave if another opportunity comes up. And frankly, they’ll do better work because they’ll be proud of it.

Here are a few ways to use Dynamic Campaigns for employee engagement:

Community involvement: Does your company host volunteer hours? Maybe you’re in a community corporate challenge? Dynamic Campaigns gives your employees a quick, easy and always-present way to get involved!

Internal communications email signature 1

Events & Fundraising: Here at Sigstr, our team likes to go out and about together. To wrap up Q3, the whole crew went bowling for our company outing. To make it easy for our co-workers to get involved, we’re able to use an internal campaign that’ll give all the details on what’s happening and make it easy to sign up.

2nd example of email signature internal communications

Employee Recognition: Employee engagement can turn your co-workers into company advocates, which will help create a genuine love for the product and service your company provides. Let them feel cared for and involved through recognition programs. Give them a way to nominate and vote for their co-workers. Then give a shout-out to your standout performers every month.

Internal communications example 3 Sigstr

Content Distribution: Have training materials that need to go out? Maybe a new white paper or use-case study your co-workers will get value in reading? Inject your messaging into your email signature and make it easier for them to dig deeper.

Internal communications email signature 4

Keep Marketing

When we created Sigstr, we set out to solve a very real pain-point felt in our own lives as marketers. We help you create consistency and take control over the email signature. We’ve helped you unlock a channel that’s been under your nose all along as a new, owned marketing avenue. And you’re nailing it!

So while HR has internal communications they’re promoting, you’re still able to roll-out your new content for marketing. At the same time.


Dynamic Campaigns are available as a part of the Target Package. Want to check out Sigstr? Then sign up for a free trial here. Already a customer? (Good!) Customer Success ([email protected]) can get you the details on how to opt-in.

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