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Introducing Terminus 360: A Surround-Sound Approach to Customer Success

As our customers know, Terminus is far more than just technology. We’re a tight-knit team of seasoned B2B professionals looking to replace what’s broken with a new system that just works. And, while our technology is the highest-rated in the business, I truly believe it’s our customer support that helps us stand out above the crowd. 

Our customer success team has worked with 1000+ companies and, in doing so, have learned a ton about what is making marketers successful, and what’s getting them tripped up. While other platforms compensate their customer success teams on spend, our team is measured exclusively on customer satisfaction and whether or not our customers achieve their desired business outcomes. 

We know that marketing is at a point of paradigm shift – and we want to make sure Terminus customers are the most successful, most advanced marketers in B2B.  That’s why, just like we advocate for surround-sound marketing, we’ve taken a surround-sound approach to customer success to make sure you have every resource needed to be successful.

Enter: Terminus 360. 

Terminus 360 is a new initiative that puts even more infrastructure and weight behind our already best-in-class customer support system (which recently earned us the following distinctions on G2: Best Support, Fastest Implementation, and Easiest to Do Business With). And it’s available for every Terminus customer, on every package. 

Where did Terminus 360 come from? 

When I took the reigns as our Chief Customer Officer, I noticed a discrepancy between resources committed to sales and resources committed to customers. Each target account was assigned an AE, an ADR, a sales engineer and a solutions consultant – who all had a specific set of accounts that they thought about every day and could build relationships with over an extended period of time. 

Meanwhile, our customers had their onboarding specialist and their customer success manager. That’s a 4-1 ratio versus a 2-1 ratio. While that might work for a growing startup – it is not sustainable for an established business like Terminus. 

So I took to reorganizing our department, hoping to apply the same successful principles of sales to customer success. And here’s the result.

Your Terminus 360 Team

Customer Success Manager

Every Terminus customer will continue to have a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This will be your primary point of contact, and will help you think through how to launch and iterate on your ABM program, along with making sure you have a clear plan to get everything you can out of the Terminus platform. They are measured on customer satisfaction – so they are totally aligned with what you’re trying to achieve. They will conduct strategic business reviews and are happy to roll up their sleeves and get on site with you.

Digital Media Manager

You’ll also have a dedicated Digital Media Manager. This is an account-based advertising specialist who will constantly be looking for ways to make your account-based display and social advertising more effective to drive your goals – whether those are driving initial account engagement, accelerating open deals, getting higher and broader in your target organizations, or something else. Account-based display advertising is critical to ABM because it gets you in front of the buying center with the right message, long before anyone comes to your site and fills out a form. So we believe that it’s critical to get this part right, and we’ve put resources against it.

Account Manager

Finally you’ll have an Account Manager. Beyond making sure that your renewals and contracting are pain-free, your Account Manager will make sure that you are aware of the latest and greatest capabilities from Terminus so you’re always taking advantage of everything that we can offer to drive your outcomes. ABM is a big undertaking and it can be hard to keep track of everything new that’s rolling out – your Account Manager will make sure you’re aware of all the tools at your disposal.

In addition to these services (included as part of your contract), we have a suite of paid professional services and premium customer support. We can do almost anything you could think of – from mapping out a program strategy, to helping with creative to support your campaigns, to coverage if you have a temporary or permanent headcount shortage. 

If you’re a Terminus customer and want to know more about Terminus 360 – please contact your client strategy manager today. If you’re thinking about becoming a Terminus customer, trust me when I say you’ll be very well taken care of.


Bryan Wade

Chief People Officer