Jack’s Pack: Inspiring Kindness

I remember the day that I was finishing up onboarding with our new VP of Customer Success, John Klein. We had just finished my typical (and I am sure very boring) presentation and were wrapping up when I asked him about his family. John stated that he has 3 children, 2 teenagers and a 10 year-old little boy named Jack. Jack was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma and sadly succumbed to his illness February 6, 2016. John was incredibly proud of how much his former employer, Delivra, did and continues to do to honor Jack and hoped that he could continue to raise awareness for Jack’s Pack at his new Sigstr home.

Jack’s Pack began when Jack was diagnosed with his illness. His friends, family and community rallied around him, their slogan was “We have Jack’s back”. His bravery and joyfully infectious smile in the face of his disease, inspired people to live their lives more joyfully and purposely.

The Sigstr team also has Jack’s back. So if you receive an email from a Sigstr team member today, you will notice a new email signature campaign. This banner is not promoting our latest ebook, case study, or next big event. Instead we are asking that you take a few minutes out of your day to learn more about Jack’s Pack and the St. Baldricks Foundation. Jack’s Pack continues to raise funding for further research for Burkitt’s Lymphoma in hopes that others can benefit. Jack would have wanted to help others going through the same struggles that he did and would be proud to know that we all still have his back.

We at Sigstr encourage you to learn more about Jack’s Pack and the St. Baldricks Foundation. And if you and your organization would like to promote this in your email signatures, feel free to use the free campaign design below.

Jacks Pack

We also issue a challenge today, in honor of Jack. Pass on a random act of kindness to a stranger. And if you complete this challenge, please take a picture and tag #JacksPack on social media. That way, we can all pay it forward and inspire another act of kindness to honor a special boy who means so much.