#SangramSeries: Lead Generation vs. ABM

In this first edition of videos presented by Sangram, Sangram quickly but thoroughly explains the key difference why account-based marketing works and lead generation doesn’t for B2B organizations.

If you can’t watch the full video (it’s only 1:20 minutes!), check out the main flipping points below and tweet the ones you like best! 

Flipping Points

  • Less than 1% of leads turn into customers.
    • No matter how many thousands and thousands of leads you throw down the traditional funnel, you’re only likely to convert one percent of those, according to Forrester.
  • “I’ve been doing lead gen all my life, how do I adapt to ABM?”
    • If you’ve been doing lead generation for 10-15 years and want to transition to ABM but you’re nervous, here’s the trick: start with identifying 100 key accounts versus the thousands you would with irrelevant accounts with lead gen., then expand to the key stakeholders in these accounts.
  • “I reached out to these key stakeholders, so what’s next?”
    • Engage, engage, engage! You can drive communication with these decision-makers across a number of channels like mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn, video, direct mail – what ever channels will drive the biggest result for you!

The main message here is, you can do lead gen in ABM as long as you’re targeting the accounts that actually matter to you.