What We Learned at Act-On’s I Heart Marketing Roadshow

We have some pretty extraordinary customers. Some of these extraordinary customers put on some pretty extraordinary conferences and events. Sigstr helps promote these events with dynamic email signature banners, but our team also attends these events to learn from other smart marketers. This was the case with the Act-On I <3 Marketing Roadshow in New York City this week.

On Tuesday, August 8th in the epicenter of Time Square, we were fortunate enough to join Act-On and a group of amazing sponsors to host a group of 125+ of Act-On’s customers. The day kicked off with sessions training attendees on how to best utilize Act-On’s marketing automation platform, followed by sessions focusing on the latest tools, trends, and best practices shaping the marketing world today. There were sessions hosted by thought leaders on the Power of Personalization and how it has impacted the way marketers do their jobs. In between these thought-provoking sessions, we were able to meet and network with dozens of likeminded marketers that were looking to learn.

It was a fantastic day that closed with a lovely cocktail reception featuring an unbelievably talented violinist that performed covers of some of today’s most popular songs.

We want to thank Act-On Software for the opportunity to attend and learn from their customers. Are you interested in the I Heart Marketing Roadshow? Let us know and we will connect you with Act-On’s marketing team. They have an event coming up in October in London!

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