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[Sigstr Shout-Out] Lessonly Promotes HR Content In Email Signature

In 2010, Birchbox launched their first shipped-to-your-door box of beauty product samples and became an overnight sensation. Seven years and a million subscribers later, the company has grown from a two-person shop to a beast with offices in five countries. Others, like ModCloth and Trunk Club, have also added to their roster, creating a need for consistent training and HR content, no matter where employees clock in.

So, they all turned to Lessonly.

Lessonly, a modern team learning software, lets teams translate important work knowledge into lessons to accelerate productivity. With the right training, most employees (69 percent) say they’ll stay put for at least three years. The platform has helped more than 500,000 learners at companies like Birchbox and Trunk Club to effectively train and track their learners’ progress.

Hundreds of other companies are using Lessonly’s online training software (including us!) to onboard new employees and offer continued education to more-seasoned team members. And their clients love them – which has been made obvious by their top rank award on G2Crowd.

To let their prospects and customers know about the honor, the Lessonly crew added the HR content to their Sigstr campaign.

Lessonly added their HR content in their EMS and it's awesome

What We Love:

We’ve been obsessed with the Lessonly crew’s graphic design for months! Late last year, our marketing team went to a one-day seminar and I wound up sitting right next to their design lead, Jenny Tod. Jenny is the sweetest bad-ass designer (complete with a beautiful sleeve tattoo) you’ll ever meet. And she’s the mastermind behind Ollie the Llama, the Lessonly mascot. She finished the first draft of Ollie before she even started! That sort of proactivity with a side of quark is the standard for the Lessonly team.

Llama Llama

And, of course, we’re huge fans of how they brought their campaign design to life outside of the rectangle. Not to mention, the clean typography keeps the HR content easy to read at a glance – which is just about the same amount of time they had to get their recipients’ attention at the end of their emails.

But what we really love is how they’re using the campaign.

By using their email signature space to announce their top rank on G2Crowd gave the folks at Lessonly a way to show connections how thrilled their clients are with the platform. And, they could inject the HR content into their emails subtly, without bragging.

The campaign had nearly 30,000 views in three weeks. And it brought in 100 additional clicks to the post on their blog detailing the honor.

Check the numbers

What (else) We Love:

By sharing the news of their top ranking, the folks at Lessonly also brought awareness to the LMS category listing on G2Crowd. They made it easy for readers to make the leap to leave a review, while avoiding an actual ask. And for contacts who are still prospects, the HR content gave them an easy way to see what other people are saying about the platform, without being pushy.

What’s Next:

Lessonly typically rotates their Sigstr campaigns every three to four weeks. After the G2Crowd campaign ran, they launched a banner promoting HR content around the launch of their Salesforce integration. So far, the campaign has brought in around 40,000 views.

Lessonly uses HR content to talk about salesforce integration

Other campaigns, like their 2016-17 Learning Trends Ebook and their Definitive Guide to Democratized Learning saw +74,000 and +45,000 views respectively.

Sigstr Shout-Out is a series that features the insanely talented and creatively driven Sigstr customer campaigns so you can see simple email signature best practices in action – and who’s nailing them.

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