Product Updates

Terminus Introduces New and Improved LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Integration + Our April Product Release

As one of the largest and most powerful online professional networks, LinkedIn is a core pillar of many ABM strategies when it comes to delivering content to a company’s most important target accounts. Which is exactly why we integrated with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions back in 2018.

But, it’s 2021. ABM and how teams go-to-market has significantly evolved since we first introduced this integration. Which is exactly why we’re re-launching a next-generation integration with new and extended capabilities for mutual customers. And this time, it’s personal.

We live in a world where our target audiences want to be reached in more personalized ways, with nothing short of incredible ad experiences. And, they want more options. The new and extended capabilities meet our mutual customers’ needs for larger lists, support for all LinkedIn ad types, and significantly improved match rates. Specifically:

Improved Account Matching and Targeting

Customers can now target larger lists of companies with an increased list size of 10,000 accounts. Terminus’ new matching algorithm also means users can significantly increase matching between Terminus accounts and companies on LinkedIn.

Campaign-Level Reporting

Customers will soon be able to view LinkedIn ad campaigns alongside other campaigns directly in Terminus, enabling users to measure their program results all in one place.

Support For All LinkedIn Ad Types

The new integration means mutual customers can use all LinkedIn advertising formats including Sponsored Content, video ads, Lead Gen Forms, and more. Customers can leverage the native tools within LinkedIn Campaign Manager using Terminus Account Lists.

As our customer Profisee put it: “The new Terminus integration with LinkedIn enables a real-time data exchange that is a game-changer for marketers that are looking to marry their account-based and demand generation strategies,” said Corrina Owens, Director of Marketing at Profisee. “This direct data integration tie accounts lists in Terminus with the most relevant content for our prospects where they consume it the most. “

We’re so excited about our continued work with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and improving on the capabilities our customers need to first reach and then engage with the right accounts on LinkedIn’s powerful global network.

Are you still with me? Good, because there’s more! We’re also rolling out exciting new product updates to our platform.

Our April Product Release Includes:

Terminus Platform API
Export your Advertising Spend and Engagement Data for reporting in other systems, such as BI Tools.

Pardot Integration for Chat
Sync Pardot Lists with Terminus Chat to drive data based plays. Automatically push engagement data back into Pardot.

Revenue Reporting for Chat
Show the influence of Chat on accounts that are currently in your sales pipeline (Pipeline Influenced); accounts that closed after having chat conversations (Closed Won Influenced); and number of meetings booked (someone was able to schedule a meeting with a rep – either through a bot or direct chat).

To see our new LinkedIn integration in action register for our webinar on May 20. To get hands on with our latest platform updates, sign up for our April 29 April Product Release webinar, and read our full blog on the platform updates here.