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All of the Amazing Things Sigstr and Marketing Automation Do Together: A Guidebook

Salesforce’s recent “2017 State of Marketing” report states that 67% of “marketing leaders” currently use a marketing automation platform like Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Act-On, and several others. And a couple of years ago, Marketo found that 91% of the “most successful marketers” agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing.

These best-in-class marketing teams are leveraging these platforms to create lead scoring frameworks, attribution models, and brilliant workflows. Why? To segment and engage the right audiences at the right time. However, there’s one thing many of them have overlooked. Their most precisely segmented and engaged audience isn’t in their CRM or marketing automation database. It’s actually sitting in their employees’ corporate email inboxes.

If over two-thirds of the world’s best companies are using marketing automation, it’s safe to say that 100% of them are using regular old email. Personal email has off-the-charts open rates because the sender is trusted and the content of these messages is usually extremely relevant. And, from our recent research, we know that including a call-to-action in an employee’s email signature makes that email even more engaging and visually impactful.

Connecting employee email to your marketing automation platform

So why haven’t more marketers connected corporate emails to their marketing automation platforms? To be honest, there wasn’t a good way to make corporate email play well with marketing automation platforms (until now). Sigstr has the ability to insert relevant content and calls-to-action in every employee email. This means that every email your employees send is another datapoint for your marketing automation system. The average company with 100 employees sends over one million emails every year. And with Sigstr’s marketing automation integrations, you don’t miss out on all those chances to deliver content and drive conversions.

marketing automation guidebook

When your marketing automation system is able to dynamically work with your entire corporate email system through Sigstr, some pretty amazing things can happen. You can hyper-intelligently target email signature content based on smart list membership, automatically capture leads through signature banner clicks, and even build progressive ABM signature campaigns.

There are thousands of amazing things you can create when you connect Sigstr to your marketing automation platform. Download our new Marketing Automation Guidebook and get some clever ideas and instructions on how to do them all.

marketing automation guidebook