Conversion Rate Optimization Secrets From Industry Experts

Our team at Sigstr is always on the lookout for great articles, posts, podcasts and helpful information for digital marketers. So when we ran across this post from Technorian entitled, “Conversion Rate Optimization: Secrets as Revealed by 54 Industry Experts”, we had to write about it and share it with our readers. Digital marketers have a tough job. Not only do they have to keep up with their competitors, but perhaps more than any other role across a company, their digital marketing tools and marketing campaign software of choice evolve and change on a weekly basis.
In this article the author, Adnan Afzal, interviewed 54 industry experts about how to increase conversion rates. We’ll share a few of our favorites below, plus one more that we believe is an important addition to digital marketers’ toolboxes: employee email signatures.
Our Top 4 Conversion Rate Secrets (+ 1 Bonus)
Secret #1: Zac Johnson (@ZacJohnson)
Marketing campaign software Zac Johnson quote“One of the best ways to improve in your conversion rate optimization is to have an explainer video on your site that tells your audience why your site or service is for them. If you ever take a look at the top selling products on ClickBank, you will notice that nearly all of them are using explainer videos on their landing page. Extremely long sales pages worked well in the past, now it’s all about the sales video. Make it engaging, interactive and of course ending with a call to action for your target audience. Be sure to check out my how to create killer explainer videos article for how to create one for your site.”
Secret #2: Evan Carmichael (@EvanCarmichael)
Marketing campaign software quote Evan Carmichael“Storytell. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve conversion rate. Tell me why you started your business. Tell me how you are using your products. Tell me what your customers are gaining from working with you. Let me feel your pride and emotion. If I don’t feel something on an emotional level when I visit your website, then I’m just going to compare on price and then you lose. Storytell more for improving conversion rate optimization.”
Sean Smith marketing campaign software quoteSecret #3: Sean Smith (@snsmth)
“Constantly test different colors for your call to actions in an a/b test environment. I remember Google tested over 50 shades of blue before they found the best converting blue for their organic search results. Keep testing until you find the best that works for you.”

Secret #4: Sarah Arrow (@SarahArrow)

Sarah Arrow and marketing campaign software“I recommend investing in great visuals for improving your conversion optimization rate. The prospective customer has to be able to visualize using the product, and if you have gorgeous visuals and video, you help the customer break the buying barrier. Research indicates products on a white background work better than a busy background. Investing in great visuals is beneficial for both sales and website conversion.”
Secret #5: Dan Hanrahan (@SigstrApp)
Dan Hanrahan quote marketing campaign software“Whether your marketing department produces great content, case studies, videos, or product descriptions, getting your marketing message through to your target audience is critical. Each company employee is estimated to send about 28 emails per day or 10,000 emails per year, and each of those emails contains an email signature. Smart digital marketers are using the email signature’s untapped potential to promote their most important products or initiatives within the signature area of each email. Put the email signature to use with marketing campaign software that helps your company brand employee signatures with approved fonts, formats, colors, and even social media channels, while also promoting the company’s most important content or initiatives via clickable images called campaigns.”
Main Takeaway
Whether you’re a digital marketer, content marketer, or both, conversion rate metrics are near and dear to your heart. It helps you determine what’s working, not working, and the overall impact a call-to-action or design can have on that particular marketing campaign.
Explainer videos, storytelling, a/b testing, overall design, and marketing campaign software. These can all help boost your conversion rates so you and your team generate more qualified leads that translate to closed/won business for your sales team.
Use these recommendations to get started and find out what works best for your team. And if you’d like to test marketing campaign software for your employees’ email signatures, we’d love to help! Check out the latest Sigstr resource to learn more:
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