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An Integration for the Fearless Marketer: Sigstr + Marketo

Fearless (def): without fear; bold or brave; not afraid at all.

A fearless marketer is daring, heroic, courageous, and confident. They’re also creative, and find ways to extend the power of marketing automation across multiple channels. Enter: Marketo.

The theme of Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit this year is “The Fearless Marketer.” A pretty cool theme, if you ask us. And we think a certain integration can help fearless marketers become even more…fearless. Enter: email signature marketing.

Imagine every single email your employees send suddenly becoming powerful, targeted data points that can inform your smart lists, lead scoring frameworks, nurture campaigns, and more. Employee email is a channel worth connecting to your marketing automation platform, and it can easily be done with Marketo + email signature marketing.

The power of Marketo + Sigstr together

What exactly happens when you hook up Marketo to email signature marketing? So glad you asked! We’ve colorfully illustrated a few of the thousands of amazing things you can do when you connect these two in Sigstr’s Guide to Marketing Automation.

Watch the video below for an overview on the Marketo + Sigstr integration.

A perfect integration for your ABM operation

What’s better than intelligent account-based targeting with employee email? By aligning email signature banners with Marketo smartlist memberships, marketers can ensure timely and personalized content in every email sent to targeted prospects. This makes a dent in the “Engage” section of an ABM operation. Most interactions with targeted accounts will be in either Gmail or Outlook, so why not take advantage of the conversations your team is already having?

Align your Marketo lists to email signature banners by specific contacts, account, industry, or even sales stage.

The example below illustrates how a trigger in Marketo, like sales stage membership, can sync with Sigstr to populate a specific banner in the account executive’s follow-up email.

Marketo integration

We’d love to keep the conversation going at Marketing Nation Summit! How else are you fearlessly connecting Marketo to your digital channels? Are you already using email signature marketing for other initiatives? Swing by Sigstr’s booth or grab some margs with our team!

Marketo integration