The Power of First-Party Data: How to Leverage Marketo to Drive Conversational Marketing

As a busy marketer at a growing small or mid-sized company, you’ve probably dreamed of having a large marketing team to build hyper-targeted, orchestrated, and sophisticated campaign experiences. You probably fought for the budget to implement Marketo and other marketing platforms, and have spent the rest of your time proving how it is impacting pipeline and revenue growth

Your team has probably spent a tremendous amount of effort identifying your target audience, mapping out their buyer journey, and creating content to drive awareness and engagement. But with disparate marketing channels and clunky integrations, are you sure your message is getting in front of the right people?

We’re here to tell you there is a better, more scalable way – and it is not just for enterprises. As the only ABM solution with native, multi-channel capabilities, we learned a few things about how to successfully integrate and leverage Marketo data to get in front of your buyers at the right time, with the right message.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use your Marketo data to power conversational marketing with chat.

1. Create Chat Playbooks Specifically Designed for Your Marketo Lists

You know your different customer segments and their specific buyer journey – and all of this information is probably sitting at your fingertips in Marketo. Terminus makes it easy to use this insight to develop tailored chat experiences that meet your buyer where they are.

Import your Marketo lists and build different playbooks that serve up useful content based on the different stages of the sales cycle. When someone from your target list lands on your website, Terminus will proactively trigger the appropriate playbook based on your criteria and connect the visitor to the right person in real-time. You can collect pertinent visitor information, book meetings, or share valuable content right at the moment the buyer is engaging with you.

Here is an example of how different playbooks can be used for different segments:

2. Push Leads Back to Marketo

We just discussed how to use your Marketo data to provide a relevant chat experience, but it goes the other way too. You can automatically push new leads to Marketo from chat that meet certain qualifications or data parameters to ensure only relevant leads or conversations are being pushed into Marketo. In addition, custom data elements can be created and then mapped from visitor activity and pushed back into Marketo. Continue to nurture and educate this audience with personalized content throughout the sales cycle.

3. Strengthen Your First-Party Data With Real-Time Data Enrichment

Enrich your data by connecting your tech stack including Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, and Outreach. Terminus works with your connected tech stack to pull in information on an existing contact, lead, or account based on a single piece of data (email/phone number, etc.). You can see the data populate in real-time in the chat info panel.

Leverage the enriched data to provide sales awareness and guidance, refine marketing campaigns, and enhance ad targeting and engagement. Terminus is the only ABM platform that owns Chat and Ads in a single platform and is designed to work together to be more effective.

You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine

Your first-party data is becoming increasingly important and you already have it organized and stored in a useful way in Marketo. Put that data to use across your marketing channels and throughout your full sales funnel starting with conversational marketing. Terminus makes it easy and scalable to drive account-based engagement allowing you to create a better customer experience and drive more pipeline at a lower cost.

Chat Experiences is just one way you can use your Marketo integration within the Terminus Engagement Hub. The native engagement channels, including Ad Experiences, Chat Experiences, and Email Experiences, strengthen your first-party data and make your targeting and engagement strategy smarter and more effective. Each channel optimizes the next, making your entire ABM engine more powerful. Need some proof? One of our customers paired Chat and Ad Experiences and saw an increase in target account engagement by 686%!

With Terminus, all of your account-based marketing channels and data are in one easy-to-use, powerful platform. Build and accelerate pipeline through multi-channel campaigns that place your brand in front of your most important audience and create incredible engagement. Create demand and convert demand in one motion, with one product, and with one partner.

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