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From Multi-Touch to Midas Touch: Introducing Terminus Revenue Attribution

At its core, ABM is about giving meaningful experiences to your current and future customers. Terminus has already led the ABM charge in identifying and engaging high fit accounts, but now we are expanding the platform in an exciting new way. The 2020 Terminus May Release will introduce attribution into our already robust measurement suite.

Revenue Attribution will allow revenue teams to use campaign data to better understand what is working across all of your marketing and sales channels. Users will be able to utilize a variety of frameworks to answer important questions like:

  • Which channels drive pipeline generation?
  • What pieces of content support pipeline acceleration?
  • And so much more!

Customers will now have the ability to use data to inform their decision making across their entire ABM strategy. For any team strapped on budget or trying to understand which channels to invest their energy into, Terminus can help you see what is actually moving the needle and execute accordingly.

Let’s take a deeper look!

Different Models for Different Questions

Questions stack up quickly when trying to make decisions around how to allocate resources, which content to create, who to target, and so on. And this might be obvious, but there is no Marketing Magic 8 Ball. As marketers, we need multiple tools in our toolbelt to dig into the myriad challenges that arise in our day to day work flows. That is why Terminus has built a suite of ABM measurement tools that give the power to the marketer. Revenue Attribution is our newest and shiniest tool in that toolbelt.

What is Attribution?

By first aggregating all of your leads, contacts, opportunities, campaigns, pipeline, and revenue, our software is then able to look at all of the touchpoints an account had throughout an opportunity. By connecting pipeline and revenue to thousands of touches, we are able to build models that tell you which touches are most valuable! Users can easily utilize our pre-built models to glean powerful insights around which channels are driving results. If you’ve ever thought to yourself: That webinar drove a lot of leads, but did it accelerate pipeline? That webpage is highly trafficked, but does it help drive sales? Now you have the answers.

Putting Attribution to Use

In short, if you don’t know what is and what’s not resonating with your audience, how can you produce more of the good stuff? Trick question: you can’t. For many sales and marketing teams, what’s working is mostly a guess. Your sales team feels like this campaign is working best, your marketers say that campaign is better. Sounds like a headache. One of the beauties of attribution reporting is that it allows sales and marketing to align and focus on measurement.

Let’s use an example:

Your marketing team is deep in the weeds with Q3 planning. You are trying to identify which campaigns drove the most pipeline creation, which content resonated, and ultimately how to improve performance this quarter. Your content marketers have an opinion, marketing ops has an opinion, and we all know sales has an opinion (just joking sales, we’re all friends here).

With attribution, you could look at your previous quarter to see EXACTLY which channels drove the most pipeline for you. Let’s take this a step further.

By diving into Terminus, your team could learn that webinars and ebooks were instrumental in filling the top of your funnel. You can even identify which specific webinar and ebook were attributed the most pipeline and revenue. Wow! This changes everything.

Now, instead of arguing (and ultimately guessing) which channels to invest in this quarter, your team has built a data informed plan of attack that focuses on your most impactful content. Last but not least, sales is thrilled. The content they are sending to prospects is getting more engagement than ever and marketing and sales are finally on the same page. The end result is simple:

  • Less arguing
  • More efficient resource allocation
  • Better content
  • Marketing and Sales alignment

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