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Interview: Mimeo Uses A Professional Email Signature for Content Distribution

As marketers continue the search for new ways to get their information in front of their most important contacts, companies like Mimeo are paving the way for the future.

Mimeo is a B2B tech company that brings content to life through print and digital products. They were the first company to offer online printing and overnight delivery of complex documents like manuals, booklets, newsletters or posters. Training departments, for example, rely on Mimeo to distribute materials, whether they need digital training modules or three-ring binders.

The company started as a startup in the 90s with a mission to disrupt the print industry. They’ve since grown into a global company with more than 800 employees serving customers in 140 countries around the world. Their corporate HQ is in New York City. And they have offices in Memphis, Newark, Boston, and Seattle in addition to a growing international presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and China.

From their roots, they’ve become the experts in content distribution for enterprise organizations. They reinvented the print industry and now aim to give customers a more efficient way to work.

We talked with Robert Byrne, content marketing manager at Mimeo on how content distribution – and specifically using email signature marketing – is boosting his content strategy this year.

Question 1: What are some of the biggest initiatives Mimeo takes on in a year?

Mimeo enables the transfer of knowledge across the world. What I mean is, we help organizations connect with their audience. Whether it’s a meeting with the executive board, or a training session for a new product launch, we produce the complex documents they need to be successful. Because we’re a cloud-based platform, we can be easily scaled. So our Fortune 500 customers share the same, effortless experience when building and distributing content for a global investor relations meeting as a small business owner would ordering a dozen training manuals.

professional email signature

(Platform Sigstr Banner, used by Mimeo’s Marketing and Sales Teams.)

Here’s a look at some of our platforms:

Mimeo PrintBuild, proof and distribute on-demand print materials.

Mimeo MarketplaceCustomizable storefront for audiences to access print, digital and non-print materials.

Mimeo DigitalEnterprise digital content distribution, streamlining users and admins ability to communicate and collaborate.

Mimeo HubCastCentralized network of Print Service Providers (PSPs) for global marketers to produce and deliver print materials in-region.

Q2: What was most attractive to you about turning your professional email signature into a content distribution channel? And why Sigstr?

Our communication with customers is a core part of our business. This communication needs to go beyond simply supporting them; it needs to ensure that our customers are successful. Sigstr lets our team contribute to customer success by delivering relevant, targeted content in a tasteful manner.

We have customers in every industry, of every size. With email signature marketing, we’re able to share relevant and targeted information with each of them. As we continue to rollout new technology and product offerings that save them even more time, Sigstr gives us a channel to quickly, subtly share.

And we can do it in a conversation we’re already having with them – rather than sending more emails and risking being overlooked, or worse, ignored.

I think many organizations make the mistake of sending out generic content that only resonates with a fraction of its recipients, ultimately wasting their time. Since our mission is to give customers back their time through an effortless experience, I want to make sure our messaging doesn’t add clutter, but instead adds value.

The ability to group teams into various unique campaigns helps segment what we put in front of customers and prospects. It ensures that the content will resonate and add value that supports their business objectives. The dashboard lets me assess the effectiveness of a campaign immediately and make adjustments accordingly. Sigstr has helped us to achieve our goals in an efficient and simple way.

Q3: How are you using Sigstr?

We have many customers in the restaurant industry, and often these franchises need to distribute printed content to all of their locations for employee training or marketing. These customers use Mimeo Print because we let them send their materials to hundreds of locations in a few minutes, all by placing a single order.

professional email signature

(Mimeo Tracking: Used by Mimeo’s Retail & Hospitality Sales Team)

Recently, we released Mimeo Tracking. It’s a new feature of Mimeo Print that lets our customers track the hundreds of shipments all on one screen. It eliminates the need to check tracking numbers and instead provides a single visual representation of all of their shipments.

Mimeo Tracking has given our customers back a massive amount of time in their day. It’s something we’re just as excited about it as our customers are. We used Sigstr to tell them about the new release when it was added to all Mimeo Print accounts.

Mimeo’s story is an incredible one to tell. And with Sigstr, we’re given a channel that strengthens our narrative. There are more exciting developments on the way, and I’m looking forward to layering in Sigstr campaigns to our content strategy.

Here are a few more professional email signature designs we’ve created so far with Sigstr:

professional email signature

(FAQs: Used by Mimeo’s Customer Service Teams)

professional email signature

(Mimeo HubCast: Used by HubCast Team)

professional email signature

(Manufacturing: Used by Industrial & Energy Sales Team)