How to Use Email Signature Marketing for Customer Reviews

G2 Crowd is changing the way decisions are made. In the past, selecting new software, technologies, or services for your business has been difficult, sometimes risky, and inherently biased. G2 Crowd helps solve this problem. Their real-time and unbiased reviews help you and your organization objectively assess what is best for you.

Using G2 Crowd reviews to help progress your pipeline

On the flip side, as a B2B organization, a large collection of quality reviews from your customers can help your sales and marketing team fill the pipeline and close deals. For example, let’s say you’re currently targeting a hot prospect that is a mid-sized healthcare software company. The sales process is moving right along, and you’re ready to move the prospect to the next stage with a proposal and terms. A review or testimonial from a customer with a similar profile could be the perfect resource to use to progress the deal.

G2 Crowd makes it easy to do just that. The Account Executive can send his/her prospect a link to a review authored by another mid-sized healthcare organization. Now, the prospect has the ability to see firsthand how your technology or service has helped another organization with a similar profile. Let your happy customers do the selling for you!

In order for this to happen, the first step is to of course make sure your customers are happy and your technology or service is bringing value to their business. The second step is to ask (and encourage) your customers to submit a G2 Crowd review/rating about their experience with your organization.

Popular ways to get more customer reviews on G2 Crowd

There are many ways to ask your customers for a review. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Casually mention it at the end of customer “check up” calls or after a successful implementation
  • Send an email out of your marketing automation platform to a shortlist of your happiest customers
  • Share on social (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Have it ready at your booth during a conference or trade show in case any of your current customers stop by (an in-person ask is sometimes the most effective!)

Add email signature marketing to the mix

In addition to the ideas listed above, teams are also taking advantage of employee email (think Gmail or Outlook) to rack up reviews. Email signature software (now officially a category on G2 Crowd!), like Sigstr, gives you the ability to include specific campaigns (clickable call-to-action banners located under the employee’s email signature) based on the sender or recipient. Think of it as smart CTAs for your employees’ email signatures.

With this approach, there are a few different ways to get the “Leave us a review on G2 Crowd!” call-to-action in front of your customers:

1. Sender-based campaign

By organizing all of your employees into groups or teams, you can assign specific email signature campaigns to each group and promote different content simultaneously. For example, your customer success team can promote G2 Crowd reviews while your sales team promotes an upcoming webinar. Deliver content that is most relevant to the audience your employees are emailing everyday!

2. Targeted list campaign

In addition to sender-based targeting, you can also activate targeted content based on the recipient. For example, you can pair your “master customer” list with an email signature campaign that asks for a customer review. Email signature software can now recognize the email domain your employees are emailing and serve the assigned call-to-action accordingly. Bonus: easily sync your lists from Marketo, Salesforce, or HubSpot right in Sigstr.

Here’s a G2 Crowd campaign banner we use in our own email signatures.

more customer reviews

Other email signature marketing examples


more customer reviews


more customer reviews

Sprout Social

more customer reviews

G2 Crowd

more customer reviews

G2 Crowd is a powerful platform for collecting and showcasing customer reviews. Use every employee email sent as an opportunity to encourage customers to leave a review and, on the flip side, showcase these reviews with your biggest prospects. Using G2 Crowd + email signature marketing together can lead to more reviews and more conversions!

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