5 Multi-Channel Campaign Examples for Your ABM Strategy

On average, your prospects are active on three to four devices (source) and 72% of your prospects want to connect with your brand on multiple channels (source). Not only that, companies cited seeing a 37% increase in response when using a multi-channel campaign compared to a single campaign (source). Do we have your attention about multi-channel yet?

You already know what multi-channel is because you live it every day in your online lives. Whether it’s an email with a coupon offer or paid sponsorship on YouTube or ad on Instagram, we have all bought something recently after seeing multiple advertisements from a brand across multiple channels. B2C multi-channel campaigns work, and we’re here to show you that you can bring this same approach over to the B2B marketing world and your account-based marketing strategy.

Rather than going on and on about why multi-channel account-based marketing is important, we’re just going to show you. As featured in the September Issue, these five brands are doing it best with wildly creative and strategic multi-channel ABM campaigns. Check out each one below, organized by lifecycle stage, and use ‘em as a source of inspiration or just a solid starting point for your next multi-channel campaign.

Example #1: Brand Awareness

  • Brand: Caroo
  • Use Case: Brand Introduction
  • Channels: Email, Digital Ads

Introducing your brand across multiple channels is all about making a good first impression, no matter where your audience is. You’ll need a set of ads that are eye-catching, engaging, and represent your brand well. Caroo has done that and more with this campaign across digital ads and email. The animation and movement of the ad is hard to ignore and the email signature banner includes an eye-catching visual, clear message, and distinguished call-to-action. If there is a recipe for success with ads or banners, all of these elements should be included. We also love the colors they selected and how they coordinate together.

Example #2: Opportunity Creation

  • Brand: Profisee
  • Use Case: Schedule Demo or Meeting
  • Channels: Email, Digital Ads, Chat

For B2B SaaS companies, scheduling a demo or meeting is probably the most important CTA for their pipeline. These types of campaigns require a targeted, thoughtful strategy with multiple channels for promotion. Profisee practices what we’re preaching here with their “See Profisee In Action” campaign across digital ads, email, AND chat. Whether their audience clicks on an ad or email signature banner, they’re sent to the same landing page where they will see a headline that is consistent with the messaging of the ads/banners (uniformity is key in effective multi-channel ABM). From there, their audience has the option to use the chat feature on the page (also powered by Terminus!) and schedule a day/time for their demo right within the chat experience. A clean look, consistent message, and seamless user experience. This multi-channel campaign has it all. Nice work, Profisee!

Another Opportunity Creation Example

  • Brand: CRMNEXT
  • Use Case: Target by Industry or Vertical
  • Channels: Email, Digital ads, LinkedIn

CRMNEXT targeted the banking and finance industry with this multi-channel masterpiece. Using the right targeting and calling out a specific industry or vertical within your ads is a surefire way to get your most important accounts to engage with your brand. CRMNEXT did just that and used a creative theme, fun colors, and strong CTA to bring it all together. Hey Marvel, if you’re searching for superheroes of multi-channel ABM for your next movie, the CRMNEXT team should be the stars of the show.

Example #4: Pipeline Progression

  • Brand: Invoca
  • Use Case: Account-Specific Targeting
  • Channels: Email, Digital Ads

Can you imagine scrolling and seeing your company’s name in an ad? THEN checking your email and seeing that same branding (again personalized for your company), all in the same day? The account-specific targeting use case is one of our favorites and is the perfect way to “wow” top accounts currently in your pipeline. Sales pros are always looking for ways to delight their accounts with personalization and keep the momentum going as the deal progresses. Little details like what you see here can have a huge impact with that, especially when you’re looking for an edge on your competition.

Example #5: Customer Retention & Expansion

  • Brand: SOC Telemed
  • Use Case: New Features or Offerings
  • Channels: Email, Digital Ads, Chat

Our final example is another multi-channel lineup of digital ads, email, and chat. We love this use case because the SOC Telemed team uses multiple channels to introduce a new service to their current customers. Marketing to your customers is just as important as marketing to any other audience, especially when you have a new product or service to offer. The color lineup matches their brand and logo, and really pops with the neutral/white background. This campaign includes a consistent, eye-catching illustration that represents the new service they are promoting. And once you click and land on their website to learn more, a chat experience is there waiting for you to, ready to help.