A New Channel for ABM Engagement: Sigstr and Employee Email

One year ago, Sigstr launched account-based marketing functionality. With the ability to use Sigstr Campaigns based on recipient email domain targeting, marketers began to target their most valuable accounts or contacts with personalized content. Soon after that, we announced new integrations with CRMs and MAPs, allowing marketers to get even more dynamic with their targeting and timing capabilities with Sigstr Campaigns.

Today we’re opening a new chapter of account-based targeting to marketers. Now Sigstr can deliver custom content to all of your target accounts (and the contacts within) through every stage of their buyer’s journey.

Why Employee Email for ABM?

Before we dive into that, let’s set the stage. Email is the highest volume channel, ever. Even if you bought out Google’s entire inventory of display ads, it would only be a drop in the ocean of emails that ebb and flow out of organizations every day. Email is also arguably the most engaged channel ever. It’s easy to disregard, or even block, a display ad. Social media is great, but not everyone is active or involved. Email is the workhorse of every company with open rates approaching 100% for your most important contacts and accounts.

The scale and targeting of employee email makes it a vital ABM channel for marketers. Sangram Vajre recently talked to us about that and told us the following:

“Every single organization is using email. The question for marketers is: what are you really doing with it? The ability to get the right message internally and externally to the right audience is immensely helpful and game-changing for a lot of organizations.”

Sangram is right. The ability to consistently but passively engage your audience through Sigstr Campaigns is game-changing. Imagine turning on a firehose of Campaigns, perfectly timed and targeted to your most important audiences. That’s what you get with Sigstr’s new ABM functions. Here’s a look at what you can do when you turn your employee email into a high-volume ABM channel.

Multi-Campaign Creator

Align personalized banners to your target accounts list (no matter how big it is) with our new Multi-Campaign Creator. Using this feature, you can upload your target accounts and associate them with customized banners in a single click.

Multi-Dimensional Targeting

Take your targeting a step further with multiple dimensions. Now you can hit your target accounts with custom content and target specific individuals or personas within those accounts with customized banners as well.

Progressive Sigstr Campaigns

Accelerate your pipeline with progressive Sigstr Campaigns. By aligning your Sigstr Campaigns to campaign and opportunity stages, you can progressively promote content that will speed up your sales cycle with every email your employees send.

Sigstr + The Rest of Your ABM Stack

Sigstr is an official Marketo Launchpoint Integration Partner, HubSpot Connect Partner, and Salesforce AppExchange partner. When you’re able to target and track every email your employees send, you acquire thousands of useful data points for automation. Are you investing in your content activation and experience? Sigstr is the perfect way to consistently direct your audience to them. Are you using targeted display networks? Duplicate that creative for Sigstr to create a seamless brand experience.

Your company is already engaging with your target accounts thousands of times every month. Sigstr gives account-based marketers the ability to transform every one of those engagements into a targeted marketing campaign that speeds up your pipeline velocity.