New eBook: 7 Clever Tips to Boost Your Brand with Email Signature Marketing

As a business services company, you have a unique challenge as you don’t have a physical product. Instead, you offer superior services or solutions and you rely heavily on the relationships that your sales and customer success teams build. You have created a successful company on your people and your brand, and as such, your brand is incredibly important to you. With that, brand consistency is equally important. Whether you business services brand offers accounting, banking, consulting, advertising, design, education, insurance, or whatever it may be, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to give your brand and your reputation a boost.
According to a recent report in Select USA, a government agency, in 2012, the U.S. business services industry was comprised of about 760,000 firms with combined annual revenues of $1.5 trillion and employed 7.8 million Americans. The business services sector is growing rapidly. As a marketer promoting your services, it’s more important than ever to set your offerings apart.
In Sigstr’s newest ebook, we explore 7 clever tips your business services brand can implement into your strategy today to give your marketing a boost. These include:

  1. 7CleverTipsEbookLPThumbnailYour People Are Your Brand
  2. Worry About Growing Revenue, Not Your Market Share
  3. Focus on Relevance Over Differentiation
  4. Don’t Mass Market to Your Target Market
  5. Let Customers Get to Know You
  6. Keep the Relationships Alive With Communication
  7. Compete Based on Value

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