Product Updates

November 2020 Product Release: ABM and Sales Engagement Are Coming Together

The November Release from Terminus is here and we are bringing account-based marketing and sales engagement together into the most comprehensive ABM platform in the industry. With this release we are excited to share three big enhancements to the Terminus Platform. Our first game-changer, as you may have seen, is that we’ve acquired Growflare, a predictive AI platform for account intelligence. We are also taking sales engagement to a new level with our productized integration with SalesLoft, our Chat Scheduler, and an enhanced Chat to SFDC integration. And finally, we are introducing our new unified platform. In one login, you’ll have access to all the tools Terminus has built and acquired. Let’s dive in more to these exciting additions!

Our Growflare Acquisition Is Here

GrowFlare has pioneered a smarter way to find and prioritize your best-fit accounts and identify your relevant total addressable market (TAM) in seconds. It’s a predictive AI and psychographic intent platform that B2B marketers can use to listen to signals on first party websites so you know which accounts are most qualified for your solutions today. You know your best customer, and now we can help you find 100 more just like them with predictive account identification, fit scoring, real time alerting, and seller recommendations. GrowFlare will add a set of capabilities to help you find new accounts, get proactive alerts and better target accounts aligned with your ICP.

ABM + Sales Engagement = 🔥

With this release, Terminus is bringing our customers the one-stop-shop for Full Funnel Sales and Marketing. Sales Engagement, ABM and Conversational Marketing are now available in one integrated solution with new product integration from SalesLoft. Now you can leverage target Account Lists from Terminus Data Studio directly in SalesLoft Cadences; launch any Chat Experience directly from a SalesLoft email, and so much more.

With our new ChatBot Scheduler, you can automatically book meetings with web visitors directly from within our chat bot, allowing visitors to schedule time on your calendar. Now you can convert more website visitors and book more meetings 24/7. Drive more sales conversations and engagement, wherever you AND your visitors are and make it even easier to connect with them. You can even include the scheduler in your bot flows and schedule meetings in your sleep. Isn’t waking up to a free demo every ADR’s dream?

Terminus Chat can also now enrich Salesforce data in real time, create support cases, and create new tasks. Additionally, Termius Chat routing capabilities can be determined by any Salesforce field for more flexible and intelligent routing. Terminus Chat is the only chat product built specifically for ABM, and it just keeps getting better.

Terminus Is Now a Unified Platform

In this release, we will be launching a totally unified platform with single user and login access to ALL of your Terminus products in one place! Now, you only have to log in once to access all of your Terminus products. The new platform homepage,, will be your single entry point to access the Terminus platform.

Even More…

And there’s so much more in this release for you to get excited about and all of these features are available now. See these features in action and learn more about how Terminus can help you bring ABM and sales engagement together seamlessly, generating full-funnel revenue. Learn more by requesting a demo or registering for our upcoming November Product Release webinar.