12 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Office Party

Halloween is Monday, and the pressure is on to figure out what to wear for your office party. Relax! Finding office halloween costumes doesn’t have to be stressful nor expensive. And you don’t have to admit creative defeat by grabbing a run of the mill costume found at every local party store. There’s still plenty of time to make use of your creativity and whip up the DIY costume of your dreams.

12 Costumes for Your Halloween Party – tomorrow

1. Fantasy Football

Grab your favorite team’s jersey and a pair of leggings, add on a wizard hat and beard and you’re the physical manifestation of your company’s fantasy football league!

2. Internet Explorer

Ah internet explorer, oh how we love to hate you. Put on your blue shorts, 1990s-style blue sweatbands on your wrists and head, and the classic Internet Explorer “e” logo. Bonus: move at a slower pace all day 🙂

3. Safari

In the spirit of Apple’s web browser, use the fun play on words and grab your finest beige blends. Khaki and beige mesh well with the colors of the savanna, so find your cargo pants or shorts and sturdy boots. Wear a pair of long white or neutral-colored socks with your boots if you’re in shorts. Put on a fishing vest over a white or beige button-down shirt. Add an Apple logo to the vest to complete the look.

4. Google Chrome

Find all the chrome! Wear a gray t-shirt with a Chrome logo attached. Hit up the hardware store and find the flex pipe and go nuts. And if people don’t get it by your appearance, just start rifling through all of their stuff for personal information (just kidding, please don’t do that!)

5. BSoD (Blue Screen of Death)

The scariest costume on the list (to Windows users, anyway), the Blue Screen of Death may be the easiest, too. All you need is a blue long-sleeved t-shirt, blue pants, and a massive, attached blue BSoD poster with white text. Customize the costume by editing the content of your BSoD with some witty text. You’ll be sure to give everyone in the office chills.

6. White Space

Designers know the importance of whitespace, and love the application. Don the look by dressing in all white. Paint your face white. Pull out your white shoes, and throw on a white wig if you’re ultra-committed.

7. Formal Apology

Take advantage of this punnerific costume, and put on your finest formalwear, like a tux or gown. Then with some construction paper and a Sharpie make a sign that says, “I’m sorry.” Tape the sign onto your outfit (or just carry it around) and Boom! You’re a Formal Apology.

8. Twitter

The social network has millions of users, but forces each one to communicate in messages of 140 characters or less, turning every last thought into tiny, unavoidable bullets of information. Cover yourself in tidbits by making use of that post-it stack on your desk.

9. Ghostwriter

A play on a classic, throw on a white sheet and cut a hole for your eyes and arms. Soak the bottom in black ink (Sharpies anyone?), and carry a notebook and pen. You’re a ghostwriter.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

Did the whole marketing department procrastinate on their costumes? Dress as the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Marketing Director, you’re making a cloud out of white poster board and some string. Others in your posse can be the products. A light blue Placard against a navy background makes a Photoshop costume – go a step further and make a lasso tool out of painted wire. Another should dress in the Ai orange for Illustrator. You get the idea.

11. Snapchat

Another group costume to pay tribute to our favorite filters! Dress up as the butterfly filter, the flower crown or add some cat and dog ears made out of felt, hot glue and a cheap headband. Use costume makeup to draw the details of the face.

12. Candy Crush

Create a full jumpsuit emulating the Candy Crush board. Find a solid color jumpsuit or matching shirt and pants and cut out different shapes from felt you can get at the dollar store’s craft section. A little hot glue and you’re set.

What did we miss? Tweet us @SigstrApp and share your office halloween costumes! From the Sigstr team to yours, have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

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