Terminus Named as a Vendor With Embedded and Standalone CDP

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We are in the golden age of marketing. The range and depth of marketing and sales tech available has never been so robust. But, what is every marketing experience dependent on?


Did you know only 12% of marketers are confident in their data. That is crazy. While data usage is exploding, CRM data is painfully inaccurate and incomplete, and manual efforts to clean, deduplicate and activate are slow and expensive. This leads to poor conversion rates, an incomplete view of buying committees, and misleading ROI.

Put another way: Data accuracy is a massive industry problem.

Which is exactly why Terminus acquired Zylotech and announced Terminus CDP last week (see here ICYMI). With Zylotech, now Terminus CDP, Terminus customers will have their most important account and contact data continuously cleansed and enriched. The result: our customers will be able to put their trust in their data, unleashing their go-to-market teams to accurately engage buying committees every time.

We believe Terminus is the only vendor with a standalone and embedded CDP purpose-built to fix this huge problem.

With the Terminus CDP working behind the scenes for our customers, marketers can trust that their account and contact level data is always precisely accurate. Plus, their data will grow with them as Terminus CDP automatically discovers new contact and account data necessary to scale ABM efforts. We pioneered ABM, we know first-hand it begins and ends with data. We’re driving the next marketing revolution by connecting powerful engagement channels with the first and third-party data you need to execute multi-channel ABM that delivers higher ROI and bigger impact. We’re fully committed to making you–and all B2B marketers–as successful as possible by arming you with the data needed to drive true results.

Today, we’re excited to add even more big news to the mix. We’re proud to share that Terminus is included in the Forrester New Tech: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q3 2021 report. What’s more, we’re one of only two included late stage vendors in both the embedded and standalone customer data platform (CDP) functionality segments!

Why does this matter?

We believe this is massively validating about the critical need for improved B2B data accuracy, and that it confirms our position as the only ABM platform with the most robust and accurate data combined with the best engagement channels available.

Embedded CDP’s join data but don’t fix data, essentially only using data within their features. Standalone CDP’s fix data accuracy and push clean data across entire tech stacks, including ABM. This means GTM teams are running all business systems on accurate data.

When thinking about embedded CDPs vs standalone CDPs and the benefits to customers, the most poignant benefit is that you get all the breadth and power of a standalone CDP, but also the simplicity and ease of use that embedded CDP’s offer. All this means you get the best of both worlds – the most powerful tools to fix and manage your data accuracy, and the ease of use that empowers you to take action within our ABM platform.

We’re incredibly proud of our inclusion in this report. The Forrester New Tech: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q3 2021 report is a trusted analyst resource for organizations seeking an unbiased overview of the emerging B2B CDP market. The Q3 2021 Report examines two primary segments within the emerging market category of B2B CDPs. It also summarizes the offerings from early stage, growth stage, and late stage vendors.

“B2B organizations are caught in a data squeeze. High-quality data fuels the modern marketing engine: Account-based engagement is built on it, customer marketing requires it, and customer obsession is impossible without it. But according to Forrester’s 2021 Global Marketing Survey, B2B marketers say that “quality of customer data” is the number-two challenge to achieving their goals over the next two years, behind only “changing economic conditions,” stated Forrester in its New Tech: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q3 2021 report.

You can learn all about Terminus CDP and its massive impact on GTM data, here. Plus, we just launched a big new CDP resource that goes even further on this topic. Check it out here.