6 Ways to Optimize Your ABM With Website Personalization

As B2B marketers we spend hours of our day curating content and messaging to address our customers’ needs and position ourselves as thought leaders. We know our content is valuable, but we’re not seeing the engagement or conversion metrics we’d hope for. We’re challenged with getting the right piece of content in front of the right customer at the right time.

ABM gives us the account-level data needed to understand where our buyers are in their journeys—so how can we translate that to our website and landing pages to create a seamless customer experience? Effectively aligning content with every site visitor is key to driving engagement, and ultimately the conversions that your business is expecting you to deliver.

In fact, when web personalization is a part of an ABM strategy, it has proven to drive some pretty incredible results for our customers:

  • 50% increase in form submissions
  • 60% increased time on site
  • 40% reduced bounce rate

Let’s look at the ways your ABM efforts can benefit from website personalization.

Web Personalization Use Cases

Optimize Your Paid Advertising Spend

When you pair your paid advertising tactics with a personalized on-site experience targeting the same audience, those visitors have a 4.5X higher likelihood to convert.

A Terminus customer used a personalized sitewide modal to target ad-influenced accounts (visitors who saw the ads but didn’t click, or who were part of the target list but hadn’t yet seen the ads) and drive them to the registration page. During the 2-week promo period, more than 1,900 visitors from their targeted ABM lists engaged with the registration content, leading to a 98% increase in conversion.

Drive More Conversions

Using targeted, conversion-led messaging, you can improve your overall conversion rates, and also drive visitors to connect with the conversion points that are most relevant to their buyer’s journey. Web personalization helps you do this through:

  • Calls to action — dynamically change the CTA based on the visitor
  • Onsite retargeting — leverage banners & fly-ins to prompt visitors who visited conversion pages but never converted, previously engaged with certain content, or who are a part of a specific ABM audience segment

A Terminus customer recently launched a fly-in A/B test encouraging visitors on specific pages to start a free product trial, achieving a 159% higher conversion rate on their contact form. In addition to impressive click-through rates on this content, they also found these visitors continued to see strong engagement on additional content throughout the site.

Increase Engagement and Time Spent on Site

With the overwhelming amount of content available these days, you’re constantly competing for the attention of your buyers. Even if you’re able to get them to your website, they’re likely to bounce if they don’t find what they’re looking for right away.

So how can you get them to stick around longer? Leverage web personalization tactics along with visitor data to curate a tailored experience that is relevant and has a strong call-to-action. For example:

  • Show net new visitors a brand overview video or early stage content so they can learn more about your offerings
  • Connect new visitors with relevant case studies that apply to their industry
  • Prompt high-value visitors or target accounts to connect with demo requests, downloads or sign ups to ensure that you’re collecting visitor contact information
  • Give existing customers an easy way to get to valuable content resources, new product release details, customer focused webinars or support

Promote Content and Assets

Have a new eBook or product feature you want to be top of mind for your customers and prospects? Website personalization is a simple and effective way to drive your audiences to a desired piece of content.

Sharpen successfully drove 40% more web traffic to a “DTX Toolkit” using a fly-in across their site.

Drive Event Awareness and Registrations

Don’t let your customers and prospects miss out on an upcoming webinar, conference, or field event. Deploying sitewide messaging via web personalization can help you keep events front-and-center and provide an easy way for visitors to click through to learn more and get registered.

Improve the Buyer Journey

If you can identify visitors’ industry, geolocation, on-site behavior, target account lists, or opportunity stage, you have the building blocks for an amazing on-site experience. Intelligently target buyers when they arrive with relevant messaging based on these data points.

Perq drove visitors from a key target industry (Home Furnishings) to industry-specific content using a fly-in, ultimately leading to a 22.5% increase in traffic.

With Terminus Website Experiences, you can bring each of these use cases to life and turn every page on your site into a personalized experience. And along the way, you’ll be able to collect critical data on your visitors to inform sales conversations and optimize your overall ABM strategy.

Let us help you drive more engagement and conversions with your high-value accounts. Reach out to your Account Manager for more information or schedule a demo today.