Optimizing Your Advertising Spend with Website Personalization

As a marketer, you’re investing significant time and dollars in paid advertising in order to drive buyers to your website. But what happens when they get there? Are you capitalizing on your efforts? If you’re not personalizing the experience when visitors arrive on-site, you are likely missing out on opportunities to further engage and convert this traffic.

With an ABM strategy, you should be creating a personalized and relevant journey across all digital touchpoints. Not only are your buyers expecting this, but when you’re able to deliver on it, you’ll reap the benefits of improved campaign performance and gain a better understanding of your target audiences.

When intelligently paired with paid advertising tactics, website personalization can increase the efficiency of your marketing spend by 10-30%. Let’s take a look at the results Terminus customers have seen when they’ve connected their ads and target audiences with Web Experiences.

Customer Example

Perq Drove Increased Page Views

Web Experiences allowed Perq to expand the reach of their Terminus ad campaign and collect critical visitor data behavior.

Using a modal, they promoted a campaign landing page to target accounts when they arrived on their site (they used the same target account list from their Ad Experiences tactic to create a seamless experience!). Visitors who engaged with the personalization visited 3x more pages per session than visitors who arrived directly from the display ads.

Taking it a step further, Perq was able to leverage this on-site behavior to better inform their outbound sales team for conversations with the accounts, and ultimately drive more opportunities.

Measuring the Impact and Iterating for the Future

Pairing your advertising tactics with website personalization not only delivers on your buyers’ expectations but also provides meaningful insights to help you optimize future ABM campaigns. With Terminus Web Experiences reporting, you can easily see the impact of your personalized tactics compared to non-targeted website activity. Plus, with the Google and Adobe Analytics integrations, you can better understand your audience by adding segmentation based on Terminus firmographic and website behavioral data. How do companies of similar size or industry act? What content do they find sticky? The answers are in the segmentation.

Whether you’re ready to start leveraging a multi-channel approach or are just getting started with ABM, Terminus can help you drive more pipeline and revenue for your business. Explore the full capabilities of Ad Experiences and Web Experiences and request a demo today.