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Outreach and Terminus Integrate to Bring Sales and Marketing Closer Together

A lot of today’s best marketing teams are using Terminus to focus their marketing efforts on tailored segments of accounts. A lot of today’s best sales teams are using Outreach to intelligently scale their email outreach strategies. And as of today, those teams can work together more seamlessly than ever before with the brand new Outreach and Terminus integration. Companies that realize sales and marketing aren’t silos, but rather a single team all working together to create opportunities with their most important accounts, can rejoice for this integration that brings the best of Terminus and Outreach together.

It all starts with data. Now, Outreach users can see Terminus account data natively in the Outreach platform, allowing them to identify high-value accounts in real time to easily kick off highly personalized sequences to the accounts that their marketing teams are targeting. With that shared data, cross-channel sequences that personalize email outreach, email ads, chat, and web content can all happen in concert to create a phenomenal (almost magical) customer experience. Here are the specifics on this magic.

Outreach Sequences + Terminus Chat From Anywhere™

Terminus’ Chat From Anywhere capabilities put an intelligently routed chat conversation between a visitor and the most appropriate rep a single click away. That capability is now available in every Outreach email that’s sent. Rather than an asynchronous back-and-forth on email, you can pull the people you’re emailing directly into a live conversation with your sales team where they can provide a highly-personalized experience based on the account data available from Terminus.

Targeted Email Signature Ads in Every Outreach Email

Just like Terminus puts personalized ads in front of target audiences across the web, those same targeted ads can ride along in every Outreach sequence. Now every email that is sent out of Outreach is a targeted and personalized ad experience based on who’s opening the email. This capability opens up a massive new advertising channel ready to promote your most important initiatives. From general promotion of things like content or events, to targeted one-to-one campaigns that garner outrageous engagement.

Automatic Chat Routing and Enrollment in Outreach Sequences

Conversations that originate on a website are now automatically routed to the appropriate account owner in Outreach. Based on the conversation, those visitors can automatically be enrolled in Outreach sequences to make sure they stay engaged after the chat ends.

The world is waking up to the fact that meaningful revenue growth happens when sales and marketing are completely aligned and focusing on the accounts that matter most. Most of the time that’s easier said than done, but we’re extremely jazzed about this integration because it makes that alignment simple and automatic.

There’s a lot to talk about here–from the benefits of sales and marketing working together to the specifics on how customers are already using this integration. Join Outreach CRO, Anna Baird, Fortinet VP of Marketing, Jaime Romero, and Terminus VP of Marketing, Justin Keller for a webinar on February 25th to learn all about it.

You can read the press release announcement here.