Better ABM Strategies Through Collaboration: How Partnering With Terminus Just Got Easier

Developer Accounts, APIs, and a brand new Partner Marketplace. It’s time to join the Terminus partner ecosystem.

Howdy partner! Ok, so this might not be the Wild West, but ABM can feel a little lawless without an ecosystem of strong partnerships.

Across the ABM landscape it has become clear that providing customized connections with partners creates an invaluable offering for both the ABM provider and the integrated party. At Terminus, we took a hard look at how we could provide a simpler way to connect with Terminus and curate a valuable data exchange in the making.

Join the Terminus Partner Ecosystem

The Terminus partner ecosystem is open for business. If you’re reading this and want to partner with Terminus, you can connect with us via our new Partner Marketplace.

This Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all integrations and partner-related information. You can navigate to the Terminus Partner Marketplace for up-to-date information on integrations and how they fit into the Terminus ABM ecosystem. This marketplace connects customers with high-value integrations supported by Terminus and customers can request new integrations and learn more about how they can leverage Terminus alongside the tools they use everyday. 

From specialized CRM integrations to data and analytics, we are committed to providing a full-featured partner ecosystem that benefits customers and partners alike. Prospective partners, current partners, and Terminus customers can gain access to full-scale integrations, critical information, and Terminus contact information all from this high-impact hub.

Create a Customized Data Connection to Terminus

As a partner, you can quickly and easily connect to Terminus and develop solutions that enable your customers to leverage data in their MarTech stack within and outside of Terminus.

This includes Account Attribute and Account Activity APIs which enable customers and partners to enrich Terminus CRM accounts, in Data Studio, with data from third party applications. From here, customers can create highly targeted segments and campaigns. You can also use Terminus APIs to import and export critical data in and out of Terminus that lands wherever you, or any customer desires, with minimal technical experience. 

Whether you are a customer or a partner of Terminus, there are so many unique opportunities to connect your high-impact data. This tooling includes Terminus Platform APIs and Terminus Developer Accounts. With the Terminus APIs you can leverage actionable data across engagement channels and easily transfer data into and out of the Terminus Data Platform. 

With Developer Accounts, third-party Developers can now leverage Terminus APIs, in a Developer-specific instance of Data Studio that is pre-loaded with sample data for testing. You can request and acquire access to Terminus Developer Accounts and leverage data provided by Terminus for testing in a streamlined development experience.

For more information, you can check out our Developer Portal. We are actively expanding our APIs and Developer tooling and are seeking feedback on design and use cases.

Join the Movement

The Terminus partner landscape is designed to meet the integration expectations of both customers and partners alike. Terminus Developer and API enhancements enable partners, and third-party developers, to quickly and easily develop solutions that allow customers to leverage the data in their Martech stack with Terminus. Learn today how you can benefit from robust and trustworthy data that works in sync with MarTech stacks and drives marketing strategy.