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Sigstr + PathFactory: Deliver Personalized Email Signature Marketing at Scale and Understand How Buyers Engage with Content

Effectively distribute your content in a high-volume channel and access valuable insight about how your audience consumes that content. That’s what the Sigstr + PathFactory integration is all about! Today we’re thrilled to announce this new integration and join forces with PathFactory, the Content Insight and Activation Platform.

Now marketers can take advantage of everyday email (think Gmail or Outlook) sent by their employees and turn it into a new channel that promotes their most important content. Then, after an email recipient clicks on the email signature banner, teams can see how their audience consumes and engages with that content.

Armed with data from both sides, marketers can then optimize their content strategy and future email signature marketing campaigns. Salespeople can deliver a more relevant and personalized buying experience. And customer success teams can identify adoption and up-sell opportunities.

See how else this integration provides value to marketing, sales, and CS teams by watching the overview video. Or, learn more about today’s big news in the press release below.

Today PathFactory, the Content Insight and Activation Platform, announced an integration with Sigstr, the leading email signature marketing solution, to allow B2B marketers to deliver personalized content experiences in every email their employees send, and access valuable insight about their recipients’ consumption of that content.

With the rise of privacy regulations like GDPR and the seemingly never-ending deluge of marketing emails flooding inboxes everywhere, 1-to-1 emails sent by salespeople and customer-facing teams are becoming an important channel through which B2B marketers can reach prospective buyers and current customers with content. This new integration makes it easy for PathFactory and Sigstr customers to link PathFactory Content Tracks to email signature banners within Sigstr with just one click, as well as deanonymize recipients who click on those email signature banners and consume content.

“People are more likely to engage with calls-to-action from someone they know than a broad-based marketing email. We’re excited to partner with Sigstr on this integration because it gives marketers new capabilities for personalizing email signature marketing like they do other channels, and better data about how prospective buyers and customers are engaging with their email signatures,” said Mark Opauzsky, CEO of PathFactory.

PathFactory tracks the email recipients’ content consumption to give the entire revenue organization insight into which senders, banners, and content offers generate the highest-quality engagement with key audiences. This insight empowers marketers to optimize email signature campaigns and content strategy, salespeople to identify fast-moving buyers and deliver a more relevant buying process, and customer success teams to identify adoption, advocacy, and up-sell opportunities.

PathFactory’s proprietary dataset and account-based solutions automatically updates Sigstr banners with personalized Content Track destinations based on visitor behavior and firmographic data, helping B2B marketers deliver a more relevant, on-demand experience expected by business consumers – even in 1-to-1 emails. The integration will also give customers the ability to kickstart the banner creation process in Sigstr with images from their PathFactory content library.

“Our team is excited about the marketing possibilities created by this integration between PathFactory and Sigstr,” says Jen Rios, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Invoca, an industry-leading call tracking and analytics solution, who is a customer of both platforms. “We already distribute new content campaigns via email signatures with Sigstr, and now we can track the content consumption on the other side of those clicks and better align our email signature marketing efforts with our account-based marketing strategies.”

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