Zero to Scale Podcast Recap: Planning the Next Product Offering and Launching Key Integrations

Personal email signature mention Zero to Scale podcastWe’ve recently enjoyed following along with Zero to Scale’s podcast, which is all about bootstrapping startups to $100k monthly recurring revenue and beyond. The hosts of the podcast are Greg Hickman and Justin McGill. Greg and Justin, both entrepreneurs, tackle subjects like:

  • Handling early traction
  • Growth hacking strategies
  • New products they use to grow their businesses
  • And so on

For Sigstr, the podcast is beyond applicable as our company is quickly accelerating our product offerings as well as growing our team. But it just so happened that Greg and Justin highlighted Sigstr’s product on episode #117 entitled, “Planning the Next Product Offering and Launching Key Integrations.” In this blog post, we’ll give you the cliff notes version of what Justin had to say about Sigstr and his personal email signature.
In Justin McGill’s words, Sigstr is one of his favorite marketing assets. He explains what value he sees:
“Basically what [Sigstr] allows you to do is set up your whole team with email signatures. And I can go in and create a new campaign, and it will update each personal email signature  for all of our employees and everything. So, it allows you to track open rates and click through rates and everything on a banner image. You can put address, phone number, URL, all kinds of different things, your social media links and everything.”
Listen to the full podcast recording below, and tune into the 34 minute mark to hear the guys talk about Sigstr.

We love Justin’s enthusiasm about the simplicity of Sigstr and also the benefits of measuring the marketing impact of email signatures, which is supremely important for marketers. Whether you’re a digital marketer, content marketer, or both, measuring the impact of campaigns and programs is near and dear to your heart as the insights help you determine what’s working, not working, and the overall impact of a call-to-action or design.
Justin goes on to comment that Sigstr is a great asset for his team:
“Sigstr ensures that your team members all have a standard email signature. But at the same time the solution allows me to see important statistics such as Sigstr Views, campaign impressions, and click through rates. The solution and its capabilities are sweet, and it’s a great tool.”
Justin explained that Sigstr’s email signature generator has been on his mind since last August when he initially saw the solution listed on Product Hunt. But it was when Sigstr announced its Google Apps integration that Justin knew he and his team had to begin using the tool. Sigstr also recently announced integrations with Outlook and HubSpot’s marketing platform, in addition to Google Apps, which you can learn more about in our recent post.
Thanks again to Justin and Greg for highlighting Sigstr in Zero to Scale’s podcast episode #117. We’ll keep listening, and hope you will too!
If you’re in need of a solution for your personal email signature or company-wide signatures, Sigstr can help. Learn more by scheduling a demo.
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