Press Release

Sigstr Launches Next Generation Integration with HubSpot

Email signature marketing platform announces all new HubSpot integration and Connect partnership

INDIANAPOLIS — September 19, 2017 — Sigstr, a cloud platform for employee email personalization, announced today the expansion of its existing HubSpot integration that includes even more functionality and features. The company is also now a certified HubSpot Connect partner.

For the first time ever, marketers can integrate 1:1 email signatures in their inbound marketing workflows. The average employee will send over 10,000 emails a year through Gmail or Outlook. The new productized integration delivers dynamic content targeted to each email recipient in their inbox. HubSpot customers can now seamlessly connect Sigstr to HubSpot workflows, smart lists, landing pages and email marketing templates through a new set of easy to use, point and click user interfaces.

“Using the Sigstr and HubSpot integration, we’ve been able to increase the impact of our inbound marketing strategy by making sure the right eyes are on the right content at the right time,” said Label Insight, Inc. Marketing Manager Stephanie Casstevens. “The dynamic aspect of Sigstr’s email signature campaigns makes targeting our existing HubSpot lists with the right campaigns nearly hands-off, while still delivering impressive engagement.”

In addition to the expanded integration, HubSpot participated in Sigstr’s $5 million Series A funding round, announced last month as their third investment, and welcomed Sigstr as a HubSpot Connect Partner.

“We couldn’t be more excited by the relationship we’ve built with HubSpot, including the new integration and their investment in our recent Series A round,” said Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade. “HubSpot and Sigstr’s partnership helps marketers better engage with their customers and accelerate their sales pipeline.”

Wade will join HubSpot at INBOUND 2017 for a breakout session on Wednesday, September 27 at 3:30 p.m. The session will focus on why it is critical for teams to personalize every email sent and turn them into impactful, revenue-driving marketing opportunities.

For more information on Sigstr and its HubSpot partnership, watch the recent webinar on the updated integration or stop by booth S5 at INBOUND.

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