Press Release

Sigstr Joins Marketo® Innovate Partner Ecosystem to Enhance Content for Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Email signature marketing platform announces dynamic Marketo integration

INDIANAPOLIS  — Dec. 20, 2017 — Sigstr, a SaaS platform for employee email signature marketing, has joined the Marketo Innovate partner ecosystem, providing marketers with the ability to deploy dynamic email signature campaigns that integrate seamlessly with Marketo landing pages and lists, enhancing account-based marketing (ABM) efforts.

Integrating Sigstr with the Marketo Engagement Platform introduces thousands of data points to trigger campaigns. These data points intelligently interact with the rest of a marketer’s technology stack instantly. The integration makes it seamless to connect Sigstr email signature campaigns into Marketo workflows, smart lists, landing pages and email marketing templates through a new set of easy to use, “point and click” user interfaces.

“The Sigstr integration with the Marketo Engagement Platform has made it easier for G2 Crowd to target our audience with dynamic content through every stage of the funnel and customer lifecycle,” said Michele Aymold, Director of Marketing for G2 Crowd. “Through these dynamic email signature banners, we are increasing engagement with both new and existing audience groups.”

Furthermore, the integration enables marketers to track how and when contacts interact with Sigstr content, as well as automatically creates new contacts in Marketo whenever recipients click on Sigstr campaigns, creating a powerful new acquisition channel.

“We are excited to have Sigstr join the Marketo Innovate partner ecosystem to support marketers’ ABM campaigns with enhanced content targeting capabilities,” said Shai Alfandary, vice president, global head of ISVs & LaunchPoint® ecosystem, Marketo. “Sigstr’s dynamic email signature campaigns open up a new method for customer acquisition through the thousands of emails employees are already sending each day. Joint customers have already seen effective engagement with customers from Sigstr signature banners in a short amount of time.”

“Joining Marketo Innovate will enable us to better support marketers as they build their sales pipeline through targeted messaging and content,” said Sigstr’s Vice President of Marketing, Justin Keller. “Over the past year, we’ve built an impressive lineup of integrations that allow marketers using various technology stacks to harness the power of employee email personalization, and now we’re thrilled to be a part of Marketo’s robust partner ecosystem.”

This news follows Sigstr’s recent $5M Series A funding, led by Hyde Park Venture Partners and Battery Ventures. For more information on Sigstr and its Marketo integration, read the full press release here.