Product Updates

Gain Deeper Insights with Enhanced Account-Based Advertising Reporting from Terminus

New Aggregate Account Report Provides More Granular Data on Account-Based Advertising Tactics

Measurement is a key component of any successful account-based marketing program. Having the right technology in place to track and measure results by account is critical. Marketing needs to show influence on the account from all the different channels you use in your ABM plays. Unfortunately, most MarTech tools require a significant time investment to make them work for an account-based strategy.

Terminus, on the other hand, is built for account-based marketing, so our reporting capabilities provide ABM practitioners the results of their advertising tactics by account without cumbersome implementation.

We’re excited to announce enhancements to one of our most commonly used reports: the Aggregate Account Report. It shows the results of Terminus advertising campaigns including reach, impressions, clicks, and spend by account.

Now, you can slice and dice the data for even deeper analysis of your account-based advertising efforts, making it easier to prove how advertising tactics influence pipeline and revenue generation. Marketers can review how individual tactics influenced an account, aggregate results of multiple advertising tactics for an account, and see how much media spend was used during a specific timeframe to impact individual accounts. We’ve added the ability to sort, filter, search, and export the data to allow for deeper analysis.

Imagine your company has identified 25 key, strategic accounts. With Terminus, you could create an automated advertising campaign for these 25 accounts made up of three tactics such as:

The Aggregate Account Report would allow you to see how each of the 25 strategic accounts was influenced by a particular tactic, or you can report on the overall influence all the different tactics had on an account. Not only that, but you can see how much media spend was used to influence a particular account across multiple tactics. Filter the data by a particular date range to effectively manage your budget and easily export the data for further analysis.

About the Aggregate Account Report

The report shows reach, impressions, clicks, and media spend by account –– both aggregated across all advertising tactics an account is part of (aggregate view) and for each individual tactic (detail view). Each view can be filtered by company name and date range to get even more granular with the data. Easily export the data to do further analysis, or import it to your CRM.

Let’s walk through the two tabs and the information available in each view.

Detail View (Tactic by Tactic)

The Detail View shows advertising metrics by account for each individual advertising tactic. If an account has been in more than one tactic, it will appear on multiple rows within this view. For example, if you targeted Microsoft in three different tactics, each set up for a different stage of the buying process, Microsoft would be listed three times, showing the results from each tactic.

This view allows you to better understand how much influence each advertising tactic has on the account. The campaign and tactic columns link to the specific campaign and tactic pages, so you can click on the link to view more information.

The new Detail View is valuable for customers who have the same accounts in multiple Terminus tactics because it shows which tactic influenced that account the most.

Aggregate View (Account by Account)

The Aggregate View shows the total reach, impressions, clicks, and spend for an account aggregated across all tactics. This view gives a holistic picture of the impact Terminus tactics had on any given account. Filter and export the report to understand the overall impact of Terminus advertising on influencing target accounts across the entire buyer’s journey.

Current customers, check out the new Aggregate Account Report or contact your CSM with specific questions.