Identify Net-New Target Accounts Already Engaging with Your Brand

Easily See New Accounts That Are Engaging on Your Website and Fit Your Ideal Customer Profile

Almost a year ago, Terminus introduced our account-based web analytics solution, Visitor ID, to our customers. Visitor ID empowers you to see how your account-based advertising is driving your target accounts to engage on your website, even if they don’t directly click on your ads.

More and more B2B marketers are realizing that lead acquisition is an ineffective metric for measuring the success of highly targeted digital advertising. Instead, you should measure how account-based ads are creating a lift in website engagement from target accounts. Learn best practices on measuring the success of account-based advertising.

Terminus customers see 5X more engagement from target accounts with account-based advertising.

Our most successful customers use this engagement data to prioritize accounts to launch marketing plays and activate their sales team. Sales loves the engagement data — even more than MQLs — because it is a better and earlier indicator that an account is interested in your product.

Visitor ID also displays the companies visiting your website that are not being targeted by Terminus campaigns. You can use this data to uncover potential target accounts that have demonstrated awareness and engagement. In the Terminus account-based web analytics report, you can see the number of unique visitors, page views, and total visits from every company that is not being targeted by Terminus, in addition the date they last visited your site. Until today, however, it has been difficult to sift through this data and find your best-fit accounts because there are often so many visits from people at companies that are not a good fit for your business.

I’m excited to announce that Terminus now provides firmographic data for every company engaging on your website that you have not added as a target account. This allows you to easily identify net-new accounts that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP) and are already engaging with your brand.

How to Use Firmographic Data in Terminus

To get started with firmographic data in Terminus, simply go to the potential account visits tab in Terminus and click on the Download CSV + FIT button. All of the account-based web engagement data and firmographics will immediately download.

The Potential Target Account Report allows you to filter on various web engagement metrics and firmographics for each account. The report includes:

  • Location
  • Revenue range
  • Employee count
  • Year founded
  • Industry
  • NAICS description
  • Company description
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Account-based web engagement data (unique visits, total visits, page views, PPV, last visit date)

Now, you can easily filter for net-new accounts that fit your ICP and are showing high levels of engagement on your website. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with this list of accounts.

Effective and Efficient Account-Based Retargeting

Account-based retargeting is just like lead-based retargeting, but it’s more effective and efficient since you are only running ads to best-fit accounts. Instead of only serving ads to individual visitors, identify the accounts that have visited your site, filter for ICP fit, and add them to a Terminus advertising tactic. With Terminus’ account-based advertising, your ads reach the entire buying committee — not just the individuals who’ve visited your site. This helps to keep your brand and message top-of-mind with all the decision-makers that matter.

Activate Sales Development

Sales development representatives (or BDRs, ADRs, etc.) benefit from prioritizing their outreach to accounts based on recent, actionable data. Send them this list of net-new accounts that fit your ICP, and let them go wild in LinkedIn Sales Navigator or other data tools to engage accounts that are already showing interest in your brand and products.

Personalize Outreach

After identifying net-new accounts with fit and engagement, review the exact content they’ve viewed on your website. This information will allow you to personalize marketing and sales outreach based on the topics and specific product offerings they’re interested in. Easily segment engaged accounts by region, industry, and size to further tailor your strategy, messaging, offer, and content.

Firmographic data is now available to all customers! Check it out in the app.

Feel free to contact your CSM with any questions. If you’re not yet a Terminus customer and would like to learn more, request a demo!