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Account Intelligence in More Places

With more data points in more places, that means you can be even smarter with the Terminus Account Hub – everywhere you market or sell.

Lead-To-Account Mapping in Salesforce

Leverage ABM Intelligence, Even in Your Leads

So, marketing made the switch to account-based thinking but your sales team has not. Leads are disconnected from accounts. Sales is spending too much time researching new leads and oftentimes making easy mistakes when conducting follow-up. This is a struggle that most of us still face.

Our new lead-to-account mapping feature ensures new leads are tied to accounts living in the CRM. The tedious process of uploading leads, dupe checking and re-assigning to the right accounts reps no longer stands in your way. Instead, your reps can quickly assess lead-to-account alignment and even leverage intent and engagement data when following up on these leads to deliver personalized outreach.

Lead record

Lead-to-Account Mapping enables:

Smarter Sales Development Outreach

Goodbye sales missteps! When a lead comes in, you can now automatically show the rep the account that lead is associated with along with important engagement or intent signals. Reps can quickly understand if an account is being worked or whether follow-up is necessary, so they don’t strike a wrong chord with a message out of context.

With a more holistic account view in Salesforce, Sales and Marketing will have all the information that they need to accelerate revenue, boost productivity, and be smarter with their outreach.

Spiking accountsCleaner Reporting

In a lead-centric world, you have leads in Salesforce that are engaging with marketing campaigns, but sales has not converted and associated them to an account as a contact. Enter “black hole.” You now have zero visibility into campaign activity on a particular account.

By using account-based reporting, you can plug into campaigns directly in Salesforce. Which then allows the Terminus platform to run a matching algorithm through your Salesforce lead records, and surface the marketing touches from these engaged leads within your instance of the Account Hub. From there, you can use account membership to personalize, prioritize, and easily see how leads are coming in from your account segments.

Better Lead Management

The Terminus B2B Account Graph makes it easy to find account-to-lead relationships and write them directly into Salesforce. From there, you can easily identify these accounts and enrich the lead experience when your team is working in leads. You can also automatically convert leads that align to target accounts through a Salesforce rule.

Sigstr Relationship Scoring

Sigstr Relationship Scoring gives you access to a critical predictive analytic that now lives natively in your Terminus Account Hub. It can help you understand what relationships are ramping up or fading away by looking at the recency, frequency, and calendar invite patterns within the inbox.

Relationship Scoring

Below is a breakdown of how both marketing and sales can use this important intent signal to drive increased revenue.


For marketing, relationship scoring gives you visibility into the communication patterns between sales reps and prospects. This can be a great metric to understand whether or not there is an opportunity for marketing to support sales as the prospect continues to move down the funnel. The relationship should be improving throughout the funnel, but if it’s not, use this signal to turn on additional marketing campaigns and save the deal before it’s too late.


Utilizing contact level scoring is a way Sales can understand which prospects have existing relationships with your company. This provides needed insights for your reps and gives them clarity on who might be the best person to target for a sales conversation and who needs further relationship development.

Relationship scoring is key for deal reviews, deal velocity, forecasting and coaching. The higher the score, the more likely it will be to close. On the contrary, if a relationship score is declining, it means that the 1-to-1 interactions aren’t accelerating at that account. This is a great indicator for a director to help a rep that may need coaching on how they should lean into the account moving forward. You should also rethink that account as part of your forecast.

Coming Soon – Account List Membership in Salesforce

As a B2B marketer, you need to create an audience once, and use it across a variety of channels, while also helping sales figure out which accounts to work and when. Seems like a struggle, right?

With the new Account List Membership feature we’ve made it possible for you to push your Terminus audiences directly into Salesforce. Enabling you to align your outbound reps to your account-based strategy.

List Membership

Account List Membership can also help you:

Align Sales to Your Marketing Efforts

By pushing your Terminus audiences into Salesforce, we’ve made it possible for you to deliver context-based audiences to other marketing channels and to sales so they work the same accounts you do. You can easily build Salesforce reports off the different ABM programs you are running, making it crystal clear to sales the accounts they should be targeting. From there, your reps can begin prospecting into the accounts in your targeted lists, and add contacts to sales productivity tools such as Outreach or SalesLoft.

Trigger Other Marketing Channels

Salesforce is the system of record for many organizations. So now that your Terminus Account Lists live in Salesforce fields, you can trigger other marketing channels when the time is right.

Two channels to consider automating are direct mail and marketing automation sends. For example, you can tie a direct mail send to an engagement spike within your targeted account list. By doing that, everytime one of your targeted accounts hits ‘engaged’ it would trigger a direct mail send and alert the assigned sales rep to follow-up. With your marketing automation platform, you can think about triggering email sends based on list membership, engagement spikes, impressions and opportunity stage.

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