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ABM Scorecard with Trends — Account Engagement Scoring

Now You Can Easily See Trends in Your Scorecard Metrics

Marketers need to show that all the engagement they’re driving actually results in more pipeline and higher close rates. However, there simply isn’t a great way to gather that information. Unless you ask that poor person in Marketing Ops to spend hours stringing together reports to link marketing programs to their outcomes.

The new ABM Scorecard with Trends makes it easy to compare pipeline, revenue, deal cycle time, and deal size by engaged vs unengaged accounts. It can also help you make decisions on where to focus your energy, figure out if you are going to hit, miss, or exceed the goals that matter the most to your company. This feature makes it clearer than ever to understand what is happening across your organization.

Prove Your ABM Success

If you are struggling to understand how to measure the ROI of your account-based marketing program, the updated ABM scorecard with Trends is a great way to prove that you are driving desired business outcomes. You can do this by segmenting by your targeted accounts and layering in Terminus firmographics to quickly see pipeline and revenue by industry, revenue range, employee range, etc. to show your CMO how you are driving results over time.

This enhanced scorecard allows you to quickly see how each one of your ABM programs is getting to engagement, pipeline, and revenue goals. By trending your key marketing KPIs you can see if you’re accelerating or decelerating toward your goals, so you can easily pivot if necessary.

Tie Account Engagement to Desired Business Outcomes

Do you want to finally prove that creating engagement with target accounts results in more closed business?

To use engagement as the first stage of an ABM funnel, marketers need to be able to tune the engagement threshold to their programs, native level of engagement, and reporting structure. The first step is setting the right engagement threshold but we all know that engagement doesn’t look the same from company to company. With our new Account Engagement Scoring feature you can:

  1. Build a custom account engagement profile to align with what engagement means for your company. Signals include campaign responses, Bombora intent, and anonymous website activity.
  2. Run programs into accounts with no engagement (such as high-fit, intent, no engagement list).
  3. Track engagement as the earliest indicator that your campaigns are driving success. By fine-tuning your definition of engaged, you can start using engagement as a way to signify awareness.

Engaged accounts should then be driven toward the next milestone – a sales conversation. From there you can use the ABM Scorecard with Trends to show that engagement produces a higher win rate.

Native Integration with Google Analytics

Account-Based Metrics Straight to Google Analytics

Google Analytics. Most marketing teams can’t live without it because of its ability to report on visitor traffic, behavior, and other important goals.

With the new native Google Analytics integration, you can use Terminus account-level data to segment traffic by ABM campaign, individual companies, or industry and understand how they are behaving on your site. By using Terminus Custom Dimensions, you can also see bounce rates, page views, paths, and anything else that could give you clarity on whether you should consider a new site architecture, new content routes, or evaluate your traffic quality from other sources outside of Terminus.

Enhancements To Turn You Into a Reporting Whiz

Expand, deliver and integrate your way to a best-in-class ABM program with these new product updates.

Enhanced Ad Campaign Report – New Tactic Details Page

The time has come – we’ve overhauled the tactic details view. You’ll now experience faster page load times, better-organized reporting, and be able to surface any accounts that did not match, in addition to the ones that did.

Expanded Display Advertising Audiences

Most ABM pilots typically focus on a few dozen or hundred key accounts. But once you’ve fully transitioned to ABM, you’ll be treating all of your accounts with some form of account-level air cover when they show in-market signals, like intent or engagement. And you’ll want to cover your entire pipeline.

With that in mind, we’ve increased the number of accounts in an advertising tactic from 500 to 1500 accounts. You now can ensure coverage for all accounts that qualify for certain stage-based rules, like reaching intent or engagement milestones, or different opportunity stages, without having to split them out into smaller tactic buckets.

Expanded Pardot Integration

Pardot users can now easily see the full impact of Pardot campaigns in the context of all of their other marketing channels and campaigns, even if they’re not all synced to CRM.

With the expanded integration you can add Pardot campaigns directly to influence and attribution reporting. You can also pull in campaigns directly from Pardot without requiring them to sync to Salesforce first. This allows marketers to easily include them in campaign analytics, account insights, marketing influence reports and as part of custom engagement tracking.

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