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End-to-End Digital Storytelling

When scaling your ABM program, it is critical to pick the right accounts and deliver a highly tailored experience. With that in mind, the Terminus team has been hard at work to help you tell your end-to-end digital story across the open web, social, the inbox, and now on your website.

Web Personalization

As consumers, we engage with experiences and content that interest us. But with B2B buyers today conducting anonymous research online and making purchase decisions as a team, it can be challenging to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

So, as a Marketer, you spend hours thinking up campaigns, painstakingly perfecting ad creative, and ensuring that your landing pages align tightly. But when less than 2% of ads result in a click, most of those impressions go to people who won’t click, but will find your website later through a channel like search or direct traffic. When they hit your website, wouldn’t you want them to see that same perfectly contextual content?

I sure would!

With account-based web personalization, you can deliver consistent messaging across the customer lifecycle, powered by Terminus account intelligence, and enhance your most important channel: your website.

Give Every Account a Personalized Experience on Your Website

Personalize web experiences for every account – no matter how they get to your website by ensuring that your web visitors find specific content and pages directly from the home page. You can do this by pulling custom dynamic segments from your Terminus Account Hub that can be broken out by individual firmographics including industry, revenue range, intent, engagement, opportunity stage, and more making it easier for web visitors to consume the information that is most relevant to them.

Here are the three ways that you can run tactics with web personalization:

  • Fly-In: A rich text content box that “flies” onto the screen
  • Modal: A pop-up window that temporarily takes over the screen
  • Banner: A simple text + call-to-action banner placed at the top or bottom of the page

Terminus Web Personalization ExamplesThere are dozens of accounts on your website that you haven’t added to your CRM, but fit your ideal customer profile. You can now use Web Personalization and Terminus account intelligence to create custom dynamic segments that deliver the perfect message for high fit, net new accounts by aligning your content offers to a visitors’ account, industry, firmographics, buying cycle stage, or other custom dimensions.

In addition you can:

  • Point new customers to your onboarding hub or content.
  • Point customers to specific products they’re not using.
  • Increase event attendance with account-specific invites.

Goodbye Landing Page Creation and Maintenance

Let’s be honest, managing individual landing pages can be a hassle and we want to help you with that. In fact, you may not even need to make a dedicated landing page, because you can now point ads to a single page, then customize the content of that page based on the source ad or the account campaign. Once someone visits your website, you want them to associate that experience to the ad they previously encountered on the web.

Web personalization ensures that you are delivering a consistent content and brand experience across all of your digital experiences creating an end-to-end experience for the consumer. You will have the ability to do this across every dynamic segment tactic you create.

Are you ready to increase form submissions by 50%, increase time on site by 60%, and reduce your bounce rate by 40%?

Email Signature Marketing

Brand consistency is something that a lot of marketers are struggling with today, especially, when it comes to email. With signature marketing, you have the power to advertise using a high volume and already owned marketing channel where your most engaged audiences live – the inbox. In fact, the average employee spends 6.5 hours per day in the inbox.

email signature marketing example

Signature Marketing helps marketers resolve a few major challenges…

  • Unlocks A New Ad Channel – Signature Marketing allows you to push out the most relevant content and information through a dynamic advertising banner. These banners can be segmented by department or vertical and change based on the sender or the receiver for relevant targeted messaging.
  • More Visibility – Signature Marketing can track a variety of different analytics including relationship scoring, click rate, # of views, campaign performance over time and tells you exactly when someone is clicking your banner ad.
  • Branding Consistency – Signature Marketing gives you, as the marketer, centralized control of the email signature for all employees to ensure everyone is consistent with your brand standards.

With Signature Marketing, you can drive personalized content, targeted content, event attendance, content throughout the sales journey, adoption efforts, and more utilizing the signatures of your employee’s.

Interested in seeing some amazing customer examples? Click here. Already using Signature Marketing? Then make sure to review new capabilities below!

Update #1: Intent & Relationship Scoring in Account Hub

Intent and Relationship Scoring helps you understand what relationships are ramping up or fading away by looking at the recency, frequency, and calendar invite patterns within the inbox.

Relationships form the basis of sales coaching and pipeline forecasting since they tell you how good your reps are at building 1-to-1 relationships within accounts. It is also a great way to activate sales and trigger high-touch marketing campaigns before your accounts slip away.

For marketing, the relationship score gives you visibility into the communication patterns between sales, success reps and prospects. This can be a great metric to understand whether or not there is an opportunity for marketing to support sales as the prospect continues to move down the funnel.

In the Hub, Sigstr Intent and Relationship Scoring gives you an easy way to surface and action lists of accounts with open opportunities and weak relationships, so you can take action.

Relationship Scoring

Update #2: Opportunity Stage Targeting

Looking for a way to target your prospect’s throughout the buying journey?

Using Sigstr Signature Marketing targeting capabilities, you can make personable impressions throughout the buyer’s journey by aligning your inbox advertisements to Salesforce opportunity stages to drive potential customers closer to making a purchase. By taking charge of the content your sales team is sharing, you control the narrative as prospects move down the funnel.

Opportunity stage targeting

Update #3: Advanced Marketing Campaign Type – Alternate Banner

Team work makes the dream work and one of the keys to driving Marketing and Sales alignment is through collaboration. With the Signature Marketing alternative banner feature, this allows customer-facing employees to pick the ad banner they promote in their signature, all while keeping Marketing in control of the library. This allows Sales to select the most relevant, targeted and personalized message. After all, no one knows prospects better than the people that interact with them on a regular basis.

alternate banner example

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