June 2019 Product Update: The Summer of Integrations

One new Sigstr integration is fantastic. Three is even better (with two more coming soon)! For the past few months, Sigstr has been hard at work developing integrations with key ABM and content partners as well as creating a brand new campaign experience! Check out our June product updates below!

Campaign Updates

Campaign Folders & Filters

Sigstr’s Campaigns page has been completely reimagined! Now you can organize your campaigns into customized folders and filter by status, campaign type, and more! As your Sigstr strategy evolves, the new Campaigns page will help keep you organized and ready for action. The new Campaigns page is currently available upon request and will go live for all customers on June 10. Learn more here.

Campaign Analytics API

Sigstr offers a goldmine of data and now you can tap into that data in a powerful way. Sigstr’s Campaign Analytics JSON API pushes all campaign metrics – clicks, views, recipient analytics, opportunity influence, and more – into whatever data platform you choose! Sync your Sigstr campaign data to your data warehouse to gain advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities. Learn more here.

Account & Contact Recipient Analytics

Get ready to view recipient analytics on a contact and account level! Depending on which metrics are most important to your business, toggle back and forth between the two views to see which accounts are clicking on your Sigstr ads and which contacts within those accounts are the individuals engaging! Learn more here.

Automated Notifications

Start leveraging two new notification options to ensure you get the most out of Sigstr. The first is an automated engagement report that details campaign views, clicks, and recipient data across your entire company. You have the option to receive the report on a daily or weekly basis.

The second notification option is an install reminder. You can now send recurring reminders to all employees who have yet to install their Sigstr signatures. The reminders will be sent automatically based on your selected frequency until each user has successfully installed his or her signature. Learn more here.

Hi-Res Signature Fields

Sigstr is thrilled to introduce hi-res signature fields to compliment your hi-res campaigns. Now when you upload a social media icon, your company logo, or another image to a signature field, you can choose to have Sigstr constrain the image to ensure a high density of pixels. Those using hi-res functionality will need to upload their images at twice the intended size. Learn more here.

New Integrations

Demandbase Integration

Demandbase allows Account-Based Marketers to build sophisticated audiences and target them with hyper-relevant display ads. With the help of Sigstr’s Demandbase Integration, those audiences are now available in Sigstr.

With your Demandbase audiences living in Sigstr, you can target your top accounts through every email your employees send. As Demandbases’s selection criteria updates the members of various audiences, those changes will automatically be reflected in Sigstr’s campaign targeting, creating a brand new channel for ABM initiatives. Joint customers can deliver a 100% consistent cross-channel experience to their most important audiences. Learn more here.

SalesLoft Integration

Sigstr’s SalesLoft integration keeps getting better and better! Now, you can leverage the power of Sigstr’s ABM functionality in SalesLoft email cadences. Start targeting your most valuable prospects and customers with personalized email signature ads in every 1:1 interaction.

By combining Sigstr’s targeting capabilities with SalesLoft’s email volume, you can be sure that your marketing content will get the exposure it deserves. Expand your ABM efforts beyond Gmail and Outlook and start targeting specific accounts and contacts through SalesLoft. Learn more here.

Eloqua Integration

Sigstr’s integration with Eloqua gives marketers the opportunity to enhance their digital efforts with the power of targeted email signature ads and relationship intelligence. Eloqua customers can now seamlessly connect Sigstr to Eloqua contact segments, landing pages and reporting through a new set of easy to use, point and click user interfaces.

The integration ensures that marketers are communicating with prospects and customers on a 1:1 level, using targeted content that is perfectly timed to each individual. In a matter of minutes, align Sigstr to your Eloqua environment to ensure a cohesive digital marketing presence. Learn more here.

As our summer of integrations continues, stay tuned for two more integrations coming very soon! And if you’re interested in seeing these updates in action, register for this month’s Sigstr Session!

Have we missed something in our latest round of updates? Let us know! We want to build a platform that our customers are excited to use. Reach out to [email protected] with your feedback!