Product Updates

Identify Your Hottest Target Accounts with Engagement Spike

No matter how committed you are to doing account-based marketing, it can be a challenge when your technology was built with a lead-based mindset.

For years, lead scoring has been touted as the solution to account prioritization — but when it comes to arming your sales team with actionable, up-to-the-minute data, it falls short. That’s because lead scoring:

  • Only gauges the interest of one person instead of the entire buying committee.
  • Doesn’t capture senior decision-makers who are more likely to browse your site anonymously.
  • Doesn’t account for ungated content on your website, which is often the content that’s most indicative of someone researching your product.
  • Is difficult to set up and maintain. Your marketing strategy is a living, breathing thing, and lead scoring algorithms don’t account for that.
  • Identifies individuals too late in the buying process. Marketing and sales need signals earlier in the sales cycle to be able to better influence that account before your competitors.

In order for marketing and sales to work together effectively, marketing must have insight into when and where opportunities are developing. Your marketing team needs a simple, accurate way to deliver timely and meaningful data to sales that will help them prioritize outreach.

Prioritize Your Most Engaged Prospects with Engagement Spike

In 2017, we introduced Account-Based Visitor ID to help marketers identify and report on web engagement from target accounts. Now, we are excited to announce Engagement Spike (formerly Account Surge), which takes this data to the next level.

Engagement Spike identifies spikes in engagement from your target accounts on your most important webpages and content, even from anonymous traffic. We do this using our Visitor ID technology, which identifies anonymous web visitors and aggregates their onsite behavior by company.

Engagement Spike monitors unique visitors and total visits to pages that you’ve tagged as either Brand Awareness or High Value. A target account is considered to be spiking when there is a significant increase in traffic on these pages from a particular account. The Engagement Spike algorithm weights visitors and visits from pages tagged as High Value (e.g., pricing, product, and solution pages) more heavily than pages tagged as Brand Awareness. It doesn’t include any visits to pages that you haven’t tagged — so visits to your careers or login pages, for example, are not included in the spike signal.

4 Ways to Use Engagement Spike Data to Empower Your Sales Team

At Terminus, our sales and marketing teams rely on Engagement Spike to prioritize our most engaged accounts. Let’s look at four key ways we turn this data into action.

  1. Sales Insights: Sales Insights delivers Engagement Spike alerts, account engagement data, and digital advertising results from the Terminus ABM platform into Salesforce. With this data attached to each account, your sales reps never have to leave Salesforce to get the latest insights into their target accounts. Not only does Sales Insights show when their accounts are showing spikes in engagement, they can see which webpages their prospects are interacting with, making it easy to tailor sales outreach.
  2. Engagement Spike Report: This weekly report is a fan favorite among the Terminus sales and marketing teams. It delivers a list of accounts that are showing spikes in engagement week-over-week and includes the number of visitors from each account, how many High Value and Brand Awareness pages they engaged with, and whether they’re a new or repeat spike. Not only does this allow sales reps to see their most interested accounts, but it gives marketers the chance to coordinate with sales on high-value plays to further engage top accounts.
  3. Engage the Buying Committee at the Most Engaged Mid-Market Accounts: When you’re selling into SMB and mid-market companies, chances are there are only three to six key people your sales team wants to talk to. When sales sees a smaller account with a spike in engagement, that can give them the green light to call those contacts today.
  4. Focus Limited Sales Resources on the Most Engaged Enterprise Accounts: With an enterprise account, outreach must be more strategic. Enterprise accounts have more stakeholders, they’re bigger and more complex, and there’s more competition for their time and attention. At Terminus, our marketing team uses engagement data, including Engagement Spike, to narrow down our list of target enterprise accounts to the 100 or so at a time that are most engaged. With these accounts, it’s less about “Who should I call today?” and more about “Who should sales invest time in this month or quarter?”

Engagement Spike is now available at no additional cost to all Terminus customers.