Product Enhancements and Feature Updates

Here at Sigstr, we’re working hard everyday to become leaders in the next frontier of email marketing: employee email. We’re excited about our recent product innovations as we continue to expand our product roadmap into areas that transcend the signature.

In addition to recently launching our Sigstr for Events package and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) functionality, we’re pumped to announce several new major product updates that are now live in the application!

See below for more information on each new update. As always, we’re here to help answer any questions about the platform or talk through your email signature marketing strategy. Reach out and let us know or request a demo.

Contact Targeting

Sigstr’s ABM functionality now supports targeting and tracking to individual recipients! Customers now have the power to target email signature marketing campaigns directly to individual contacts or entire email domains.

Recipient Management

For any marketer looking to incorporate email signature marketing into their ABM strategy, this new feature now makes it easier than ever. Sigstr’s new Recipient tab allows customers to manage their contact and account lists in an effective way so personalized content can be shared with specific audiences. Contacts can be imported from Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and more!

SalesLoft Cadence ABM

Using SalesLoft and Sigstr together can be a powerful combination! Email signature marketing campaigns being used in SalesLoft now include full ABM contact and account targeting, so each Cadence email sent will serve content that is most relevant to the recipient.

Campaign Scheduling

Sigstr customers now have the ability to set start and stop dates for time sensitive campaigns. The functionality is particularly useful for event marketers who have specific content to promote before an event, during, and after. The three examples below show how we used this feature for our last webinar.

Cloud Signature Deployment

Power multi-recipient personalization and analytics, from any email client, on any device. No device installs required!

Coming Soon

CRM Integrations Package

One package that lets you connect Sigstr to your Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot accounts. You can automatically sync campaigns, reports, contacts, and smart lists with your Sigstr ABM campaigns. Best of all, real-time analytics will be pushed back to your CRM to track engagement.

Sigstr Promotional Installers

Include your branded Sigstr signatures in the promotional mail platform of your choice. Templates will be available for Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, SalesLoft Cadence, Outreach.io, and more!

Employee Preference Center

Give your employees a secure, frictionless way to update their email signature data in Sigstr. Launch invites from Sigstr to empower employee updates – no login required.

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