Net-new accounts and contacts to fuel your Revenue Engine

Accounts in your CRM not cutting it? You need new prospects that meet your ICP and are actively searching for a solution like yours. 

Fuel your marketing plays with best-fit, highest-intent accounts and contacts that you need to hit revenue targets with Terminus Prospect Engine.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Increased budget scrutiny isn’t going anywhere and ROI matters more than ever. Boost productivity and efficiency at every stage of the funnel with your current tech stack. Fuel your entire go-to-market team with a single source of truth.

You don't need more volume — you need efficient volume

Terminus Prospect Engine delivers:

  • Intelligent account and contact data, with human curation
  • Account identification and scoring for unknown accounts coming to your website
  • Account and contact discovery for best-fit, non-CRM accounts that are showing in-market signals
  • Quality, relevant intent signals from Bombora, the leader in B2B intent data

Prospect Engine Product Offerings



Positively rated

Account Identification and Segmentation
Sales Activation
Trending Accounts

Early performance metrics

What kind of company would we be if we didn’t test our own product? Once Terminus, as a customer, implemented Prospect Engine, we saw a huge spike in engagement with new accounts that meet our ICP filters. We have been able to fill our Salesforce instance with strong accounts instead of accounts that don’t meet our ICP and lukewarm intent. We not only leveraged the new accounts we received from Prospect Engine inside our Ad Experiences, but we leveraged our LinkedIn Audiences to drive higher engagement on LinkedIn with Sponsored Image Ads and Document Ads. These numbers really speak for themselves.


Prospect Engine activated accounts


Meaningful engagement in the last 30 days


Increase in CTR via display advertising


Decrease in CPC via Linkedin

Redefining your ICP takes a village


Your ICP isn’t a set-in-stone target. Depending on current economic situations, product roadmaps, or simply, you are seeing a change in your customers. We recommend checking in on your ICP regularly with your customer success, sales, and marketing teams. We created a spreadsheet that can help you redefine your ICP or check in on your current ICP.

The Revenue Impact Gap

The often-tried and over-done traditional B2B growth strategies aren’t cutting it anymore and the industry is learning that intent data alone isn’t a silver bullet. To hit your revenue target, and to keep your seat at the GTM leadership table, you need to deliver sustainable and efficient growth.

Terminus Prospect Engine is the key to a complete go-to-market solution.