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[Quiz] Which Guardian Would Run Your Company Email Signatures?

Email professionals can’t hop from planet to planet. They aren’t technologically-enhanced. Nor do they possess nigh-invincibility, augmented super human strength or precognition. (Though, I really wish we did.) They’re simple regular people, like you and me.

But in a cyber-world, chock-full of spammers, filters and phishers, brands across the galaxy are relying on these email professionals to improve and optimize their company email signatures and branded messaging. They’re calling for tailored content, cool calls-to-action, recipient-level insights and measurability in every send.

This year alone, business and consumer emails exchanged daily will reach over 269 billion. And that number is only expect to grow, reaching 319.6 billion daily exchanges by the end of 2021, according to the Email Statistics Report 2017-2021 out of The Radicati Group.

Email, and company email signatures, are more important in your corporate marketing plan than ever. According to Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing Report, some 80 percent of marketers say email is a foundational piece of their business strategy.

Email is harder today than ever

Email pros are tasked with reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right content for every stage of the buying cycle – a mission marketing has never accomplished with email. Until now. By using company email signatures, your marketing message is in the +10,000 emails each of your employees send. For a company of 500, that’s 5 million new impressions on your content.

The Guardian working to tailor your company email signatures strategy should be agile, willing to adjust in a single moment. They should have superhuman resilience and laser focus the recipient. By understanding who’s receiving the email, they should strategically align content that dynamically updates based on recipient domain.

So as you work to bolster your company email signatures strategy, which Guardian would you hire to run your program?

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