Raidious: Utilizing the Email Signature for Recruitment and Brand Visibility

RaidiousRaidious-Logo is a content centric digital agency. They create all types of digital content for brands – everything from social graphics to video and blogging. Pretty much all of the “stuff” that makes digital marketing work – Raidious specializes in creating.
Through years of creating great content, the team has learned that the traditional methods of distributing content no longer deliver the same results that they used to. According to Craig Lile, Senior Director of Advancement at Raidious, “It’s a lot harder to get your content noticed – brands have fully bought in that content marketing is the way of the future, but getting content marketing to break through is a really tough task for brands to do.”
Raidious’ employees send email all day long to clients and prospects and vendors, and they saw these personal, one-to-one email communications as another way to create advocacy – another opportunity for up-sell and cross-sell within their clients.
“When I saw Sigstr, I thought ‘wow, what a great way to distribute content!’ – and it’s from people that are trusted. It gives our team an awesome way to serve content that has a high probability of getting digested because it’s from a trusted source – and best of all, we can measure everything and continually improve our campaigns”, said Craig.
Raidious began using Sigstr, an employee email signature management platform, in January of 2015 for their 25 employees. To date, Raidious has run 5 unique employee email signature marketing campaigns, including: hiring and open positions, video and expanded services, a general brand campaign promoting Raidious, and a very specific website campaign. Raidious has 2 default groups: Sales and Marketing, and split their campaigns accordingly.
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Raidious’ top 2 campaigns to date include a campaign centered around hiring new talent, and a “Welcome to Raidious” brand campaign:
The hiring campaign generated 26,000 displays and 41 clicks over a month long period, and helped Raidious fill its’ talent pool with well qualified applicants in the local Indianapolis area. The email signature marketing campaign was very targeted and helped bring visibility to the growing team at Raidious.
Meanwhile, the Raidious brand campaign, which was active for 3 months, generated 174,000 displays with 181 clicks and generated many new visitors to the website, along with increased brand visibility.
“The value of ~200,000 impressions is unparalleled,” commented Craig. “It’s a channel we already own promoting content we already have. You simply can’t find a better value for reaching this type of audience.”
In the future, Raidious plans to test out new Sigstr campaigns. First, the team plans to launch a campaign entitled “This Week in Raidious” highlighting all of the new content and announcements across the company for that particular week. They also plan to launch a culture-centered campaign highlighting the great work environment and promoting Raidious as a great place to work. In the future, they would also like to begin pushing relevant blog posts, as well as create specific guides, such as a social media guide, for their end recipients.
Check out the full case study here.
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