Beyond Traditional Ad Strategies: Reaching Today’s Digital Buyer

“At the end of the day, B2B and B2C buyers are the same people,” says Tenisha Griggs, Terminus Vice President and Head Global Media. “Using Connected TV and Audio to diversify your advertising to target the people who make business decisions will only serve to drive more demand.” 

If you’ve been thinking about adding Connected TV and Audio to your multi-channel marketing mix, you won’t want to miss the replay of a recent webinar with industry experts, rock star customers, partners and the Digital Media Manager team from Terminus.

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Adding these premium channels to your marketing mix lets you achieve greater scale and wow your pipeline with highly-engaging content. Simply put: there is no bigger way to reach your target audiences. 

Not only does Connected TV give you access to more than 150 million households that are streaming television, but works to deliver your ads across top news, lifestyle and live sports events with targeting and precise frequency. Leveraging our audio options lets you scale your message to over 200 million households with non-skippable content that can increase your search performance by up to 500%. 

Maribel Malit, Spotify’s Research Manager for Insights and Activation, says that three out of four Americans are listening to digital audio for more than 90 minutes per day. And with over 126 million podcasts being produced, one in three Americans spend 50 minutes a day consuming them. “Audio consumption overall is on the rise since the pandemic,” Maribel says. “Digital audio is now being relied on to combat screen fatigue.” And because Spotify listeners trust the advertisers that partner with them, they’ve seen 19% more brand breakthroughs than all other media.

Big wins from Connected TV and audio users

Terminus customer, Skai, has been using Connected TV to test and experiment to get more touch points with consistent messaging. “Our focus is to optimize and target prospects with highlighted personalized ads,” says Lily Rotter, Senior Director of Demand Generation.

Nuvolo, another Terminus Connected TV user, uses this platform to cut through the noise and target buying personas. “We follow the buyer,” says Nuvolo CMO, Ben Person. “What we’re doing is taking intent data and being able to prioritize target accounts and those target personas based on spiking intent.”

Tomas Rodriguez, Director of Emerging Channels with Terminus partner, The Trade Desk, points out that the internet allows everyone to participate and has changed the barrier to entry. “Connected advertising lets marketers focus on decision makers and influencers instead of casting wide nets like Super Bowl ads.” Tomas also points out that incorporating these connected experiences as part of a multi-channel marketing effort lets marketers avoid oversaturating and leverage cost efficiency to their advantage.

Grow your brand equity by humanizing your brand

Misconceptions tied to connected experiences being cost prohibitive and difficult to create can create hesitation for marketers, and while it’s traditionally been a B2C play, it’s actually a really strong B2B strategy. “Audio is an incredible way to develop brand equity,” says Terminus Senior Digital Media Manager, Riley Gilstrap. “It lets you humanize your brand.”

Whether via CTV or audio ads, Terminus customers can diversify their creative assets and advertising channels, reach customers watching and listening to ad-supported streaming platforms, and boost brand awareness and revenue.

Both Tomas and Riley agree that it’s important to get specific about KPIs, be intentional, and remember that it’s an iterative process. If marketers are prepared to pivot and use this data to make more informed decisions, Connected TV and audio can be a big, across-the-board win.

Connected TV ads run across streamed TV content on platforms like Hulu. CTV is available in both the US and International and providers include Hulu, DirectTV Now, Pluto, Sling, NBC, Fox, Fubo, and more. Audio ads from Terminus run across audio streaming platforms like Pandora, iHeartMedia, Spotify and more. Audio is available for both US and International audiences (excluding EMEA).

How do I learn more?

To book and demo and learn more about how connected experiences can make a big impact on your ROI, click here. To learn more about how Terminus is helping marketers do more big things with first-party data, intent and multi-channel experiences, our Resource Hub will help get you started.