How Relationship Marketing Impacts Events

In the video above, Sigstr’s Relationship Marketing and Event Marketing Manager, Bailey Roberts, shares what relationship marketing means to her from the events side. Also, how our team approaches pre-event and post-event execution so we make the most of our time spent at the conference.

Learn more by watching the video above or reading through the script below.

When I think about a successful event, there are the tangibles and there are the intangibles. The tangibles would be number of leads, return on investment, awareness, social media interactions, or landing page visits. Things like that are easily measurable. The things that are not as easily measurable are people’s experience with our brand or their relationship with our brand. But those are the things that I really care about because I want people to walk away thinking, “Wow! That Sigstr team. Those are some amazing people.” It really gives you an opportunity to humanize your brand. But how do you really measure how human your brand is?

Events help brands connect with people and interact with people on an entirely different level. The hard part of events goes beyond just the logistics. We’re trying to figure out who we know that’s there, or who are our biggest targets, or who are our closest friends in that area. That’s really hard to do at scale, so it’s really hard to determine who are top prospects are in different cities and different locations. Or, who will be at the event? Or, who are the biggest influencers at events? Or, who are our buddies? If we want to throw a party in the area, who do we want to invite to co-sponsor?

So that’s the really hard part about the planning stages. In terms of when we’re at the event, it is still back to the relationship front. We’re making sure our team is meeting the right people, spending time with the right people, getting the right audience at any speaking opportunities, or getting the right audience to any field marketing event. We want them to be in the room and engaged.

In terms of after the event, it’s the follow-up. We’re making sure we stay relevant and that people walk away remembering our brand and wanting to learn more.