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Retention & Acquisition

Customer retention is the new customer acquisition. Terminus gives marketing and customer success teams endless ways to stay in front of your most important customers.

Account-Based Marketing at Its Purest

Your customers are one of the most powerful and valuable segments to target– and if you’re new to account-based marketing it's one of the best places to start your practice. Driving engagement with your existing customer base with custom tailored campaigns keeps retention rates high.

Stay Top of Mind with Customers

Brand awareness is just as important for your existing customers as it is for your future customers. Use Terminus to drive awareness of new enhancements, additional product lines, customer events, or any other important customer-facing initiatives.


Terminus is to marketing what marketing automation was 10 years ago. It has helped achieve tremendous growth for nine consecutive quarters.”

Keep Relationships Healthy and Prevent Churn

Use intent data to understand what topics your customer segments are researching. Be alerted by customers researching competitors or alternatives so you keep their business. See the relationship data between your team and your customers to make sure you’re reaching out to the right people often enough to maintain a healthy relationship.

Drive Cross-Departmental Expansion

Create inroads into additional areas of your customers by targeting different departments with display and social ads tailored specifically for their use cases. Because Terminus Email targets based on the email address, you can even target specific individuals within a business for unbeatable one-to-one engagement.

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